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Science & Technology

Excitement grows over potentially world-changing 'miracle material'

By T.K. Randall
August 2, 2023 · Comment icon 9 comments

LK-99 would enable much more efficient transfers of energy. Image Credit: Pixabay / jplenio
A new type of superconductor called LK-99 has been dubbed one of the holy grails of physics and engineering.
A couple of weeks back, two new scientific papers published by researchers in South Korea claimed that the team had successfully created a revolutionary new superconductor capable of working at room temperature and under normal pressure.

Such an achievement would represent a major breakthrough because existing superconductors require cold temperatures and high pressure, thus limiting their potential use.

The trouble is, nobody has been able to corroborate the existence of LK-99 and there have been similar claims before that have subsequently ended up being debunked.
Unsurprisingly, scientists have been quick to urge caution over the new research.

It is certainly not outside the realms of possibility that a room temperature superconductor could become a reality - some researchers allege that it is at least theoretically feasible.

So far, though, nobody has been able to conclusively demonstrate that it can be done.

Whether or not the scientists in South Korea have actually succeeded remains to be seen.

Source: Independent | Comments (9)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by L.A.T.1961 9 months ago
Important if true.  But Sabine Hossenfelder is not convinced.  
Comment icon #2 Posted by josellama2000 9 months ago
the Chinese just confirmed that LK99 is at least diamagnetic. So it is promising. But i still cant forget hwang woo-suk cloning fraud.  
Comment icon #3 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 9 months ago
I wonder if this will greatly reduce operational costs on the superconductor trains
Comment icon #4 Posted by Tiggs 9 months ago
Huge, if true. Still waiting on confirmation.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Abramelin 9 months ago
The Chinese are working together with South Koreans?
Comment icon #6 Posted by josellama2000 9 months ago
nope. it is about the replication of the experiment. For it to be scientific, any claim must be replicable by others    
Comment icon #7 Posted by fred_mc 9 months ago
In this case, it is about replication, not co-operation, although I guess they may be communicating in the process, that the Chinese might have questions to the South Koreans. Anyway, I think in science and development, everybody is pretty much cooperating with everybody else in the world, it is not influenced by that politicians can't get along. At the multi-national company I'm working in, I cooperate with other engineers all over the world, including China (where we have a lot of development).
Comment icon #8 Posted by Mapusoul 9 months ago
A bit of scientific skepticism over the LK-99 internet hype: Nature: Skepticism over LK-99
Comment icon #9 Posted by DieChecker 9 months ago
Looks like most attempts to replicate are not showing true superconducting, but di-magnetic properties.  

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