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Paranormal investigators guard remains of haunted 'crooked' pub

By T.K. Randall
August 25, 2023 · Comment icon 24 comments

The pub back during its heyday. Image Credit: CC-BY-SA 4.0 MIDI
The famous Crooked House pub in South Staffordshire, England was recently destroyed under mysterious circumstances.
Dating back as far as the 18th-Century, the building - which was converted into a pub in the 1830s - was famous for its rather unique structural peculiarities, most notably the fact that one side was 4ft lower down than the other due to mining subsidence, thus earning its 'Crooked House' moniker.

Unsurprisingly for such an old building, the pub was said to be haunted, with visitors reporting sightings of Polly - a ghostly barmaid who was thought to have once worked there.

Events surrounding the building ended up making headline news, however, when it went up for sale back in March, before being burgled a few months later.

The sale of the pub was completed on July 25th, but less than two weeks later the entire building was gutted in a devastating fire which destroyed much of the interior and the roof.
Two days later, while investigations were still being carried out, the building was inexplicably demolished with heavy machinery, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble.

Unsurprisingly, many have raised concerns about the who, what and why of these events.

Now a team of paranormal investigators has taken to guarding the rubble to prevent further sabotage and to ensure that nobody makes off with the debris.

"You can't blame people for being suspicious after what has happened," said Dan Parkes.

"We did some paranormal investigating, and we did capture some stuff. But my main purpose here right now is to make sure there is no further destruction because if we're trying to get this rebuilt, we don't want these bricks here being turned to dust."

Source: The Guardian | Comments (24)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by Still Waters 8 months ago
A "padlocking ceremony" has taken place at the site of the Crooked House pub in the Black Country. It was well-known for its "wonky" appearance before it set alight on 5 August and was then demolished less than 48 hours later. The Save the Crooked House campaign group said it had talked to contractors who agreed to secure the bricks from the building. The group said it wanted the pub to be rebuilt and "rise from the ashes". Paul Turner, its leader, said about 200 people turned up for the ceremony and to see padlocks put on the containers. One of the keys to the padlocks would be kept by the co... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by Still Waters 6 months ago
Related: A model maker has built three miniature versions of the Crooked House pub to tell the story of its heyday, fire and demolition. The Crooked House, in Himley, near Dudley, once known as "Britain's wonkiest pub", caught fire on 5 August and was demolished days later. Ian Young, from Dudley, said he wanted to make something to "remind" him of the site. Five men and one woman remain on bail in connection with the fire.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Myles 6 months ago
I wouldn't call them idiots.  It's better to let the public have mementoes than to have them end up in a landfill. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by Still Waters 2 months ago
Owners who demolished Crooked House pub after fire ordered to rebuild it ATE Farms issued with enforcement notice for unlawful demolition and told to build it back to ‘what it was before the fire’
Comment icon #19 Posted by pellinore 2 months ago
Let's hope they actually do rebuild it.
Comment icon #20 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 2 months ago
Rebuild the Crooked House? I've been there maybe 8 or 9 times, there's no way to rebuild it, it was crooked due to land subsidence with the mines in the area, the whole building was at odd angles.... how do you rebuild that and retain the character and charm? 
Comment icon #21 Posted by Electric Scooter 2 months ago
Didn`t they have something like that at Alton Towers. Disorientating.
Comment icon #22 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 2 months ago
I got very disorientated at the crooked house in the Black Country but that was alcohol induced
Comment icon #23 Posted by pellinore 21 days ago
The owners of the Crooked House pub in Himley have appealed against an order to rebuild the 18th-century building, which was demolished days after a fire last year. The blaze on 5 August, which is being treated by police as arson, and the subsequent demolition of the famously wonky Staffordshire pub prompted a national outcry. The fire broke out just nine days after the pub was bought by ATE Farms Ltd. An enforcement notice to rebuild was issued last month to the company, as well as to its director George Adam Taylor and former director Carly Taylor, who stepped down in December. Owners of Cro... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Still Waters 2 days ago
The owners of the former Crooked House pub, which was demolished after a suspected arson attack, have put forward a plan to rebuild it on a different site. ATE Farms Ltd, the company that owned what was known as “Britain’s wonkiest inn”, has said that rebuilding the pub in the same spot would “not provide a sustainable community facility”. The owners were ordered to rebuild it by South Staffordshire council in February. ATE Farms said in appeal documents that it had a “genuine and practical” solution to rebuilding the Crooked House on a nearby plot of land also owned by the compa... [More]

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