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Space & Astronomy

Extremely high-energy 'sun goddess' particle falls to Earth from space

11-24-2023 | 15

The particle is over one million times more energetic than anything generated by the Large Hadron Collider.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'undisclosed' payload involved in rocket's double-crater crash

11-23-2023 | 1

A new study has concluded that a Chinese rocket that crashed into the Moon in 2022 was carrying a mystery payload.

Space & Astronomy

Will Saturn's rings really disappear in 2025 and if so, where will they go ?

11-20-2023 | 10

Astrophysicist Jonti Horner takes a look at what will actually happen to Saturn's rings in the near future.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk's Starship explodes during second orbital test fight

 VIDEO  11-18-2023 | 42

The enormous spacecraft successfully reached space for the first time but was unable to make it home in one piece.

Space & Astronomy

James Webb reveals exoplanet where sand grains fall as rain

 VIDEO  11-16-2023 | 5

The planet, known as Wasp-107b, was recently revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Space & Astronomy

Is our universe one of a countless number that exist within a multiverse?

11-14-2023 | 6

Many physicists assume that we must be living in a multiverse - but their basic maths may be wrong.

Space & Astronomy

Major new telescope could transform our understanding of the cosmos

11-9-2023 | 4

A gargantuan telescope known as the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is currently under construction in Chile.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of proto-planet 'Theia' found deep inside Earth's mantle

11-2-2023 | 9

The findings could not only solve the mystery of the Moon's formation, but also the mystery of two large subsurface 'blobs'.

Space & Astronomy

NASA astronaut photographs giant 'skull' in the Sahara desert

11-1-2023 | 6

The image, which was recently featured on NASA's website, shows what looks like a giant cranium on the desert floor.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Juno spacecraft photographs creepy 'face' on Jupiter

10-27-2023 | 8

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has posted up an image of an eerie-looking formation in the gas giant's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

The Moon may be 40 million years older than previously thought

10-23-2023 | 2

A new analysis of samples collected during the Apollo 17 mission has raised new questions about the age of the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Over 30 years ago, Carl Sagan successfully detected life on Earth

10-21-2023 | 2

Sagan and his colleagues used instruments aboard the Galileo spacecraft to conduct a very important control experiment.

Space & Astronomy

'Marsquake' confirmed to be strongest tremor ever detected beyond the Earth

10-17-2023 | 0

A 'monster' quake picked up on Mars suggests that the Red Planet is far from seismically inactive.

Space & Astronomy

Alternative theory of gravity could explain evidence of Planet Nine

10-16-2023 | 7

Orbital inconsistancies indicative of a mysterious hidden planet in our solar system may have an alternative explanation.

Space & Astronomy

NASA launches mission to visit a $10,000 quadrillion asteroid

10-15-2023 | 14

The space agency's Psyche spacecraft will be the first ever to attempt to directly visit a metal asteroid.

Space & Astronomy

Building blocks of life found in OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample

10-13-2023 | 1

An initial analysis of the sample collected from the asteroid Bennu has yielded some promising results.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover records footage of 'dust devil' up to 1.2 miles tall

 VIDEO  10-10-2023 | 1

Estimates suggest that the otherworldly whirlwind was around 5 times the height of the Empire State Building.

Space & Astronomy

Aerospace firms win contracts to develop nuclear powered spacecraft

10-4-2023 | 0

The Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a trio of contracts to major companies to advance small nuclear fission reactors.

Space & Astronomy

James Webb telescope discovers new type of object in interstellar space

10-4-2023 | 17

The telescope has discovered pairs of flee-floating planet-sized objects that have been dubbed 'JuMBOs'.

Space & Astronomy

The planet Mercury is still shrinking, new study finds

10-3-2023 | 1

Planetary scientist David Rothery outlines new research into the continued shrinkage of the closest planet to the Sun.

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