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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Bronze Age Brits turned bones into instruments

9-1-2020 | 6

During the Bronze Age, our ancestors would sometimes turn the bones of their relatives into musical instruments.


When did humans first learn to create fire ?

8-26-2020 | 12

Fire is one of mankind's most fundamental technological discoveries - but just how long ago did we discover it ?


Huge reptile found in Ichthyosaur's stomach

 VIDEO  8-23-2020 | 2

Palaeontologists have discovered one large prehistoric fossil reptile inside the belly of another, larger predator.


Did humans really wipe out the woolly rhino ?

8-14-2020 | 14

The woolly rhino may not have been wiped out by human hunting practices as was previously believed.


'Terror crocodile' had teeth the size of bananas

8-11-2020 | 2

A new study has revealed the immense power of one of the largest crocodilians ever to walk the Earth.


Reptile had a neck 3 times the length of its body

8-9-2020 | 8

Scientists have been studying how a prehistoric creature named Tanystropheus supported its insanely long neck.


Prehistoric 'hell ant' found trapped in amber

8-8-2020 | 5

An ancient species of ant has been found frozen in time while right in the middle of devouring another insect.


First evidence of cancer found in dinosaur bone

8-5-2020 | 0

Palaeontologists have revealed for the first time that even the dinosaurs suffered from cancer.


Tiny dinosaur was the size of a coffee cup

7-8-2020 | 19

Scientists have discovered a pint-sized dinosaur that was so small you could literally hold it in your hand.


Fossil of gigantic predatory fish unearthed

7-7-2020 | 3

Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a 70 million-year-old carnivorous fish in Patagonia.


Huge crocodiles once ran around on two legs

6-14-2020 | 10

Palaeontologists have discovered a prehistoric species of crocodile that walked on two legs instead of four.


Armored dinosaur fossil reveals its last meal

6-4-2020 | 3

Scientists have analyzed the stomach contents of the well-preserved remains of an armor-plated dinosaur.


Killer asteroid struck at 'worst possible angle'

5-31-2020 | 2

The destructiveness of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs wasn't just down to its large size.


World's oldest bug discovered in Scotland

5-30-2020 | 1

Scientists from Texas have identified the tiny fossil of a millipede that lived more than 425 million years ago.


Fossil of world's largest kangaroo discovered

5-22-2020 | 6

Scientists in Australia have unearthed a gargantuan kangaroo and a giant lizard the size of a car.


10m-long 'megaraptor' unearthed in Patagonia

5-13-2020 | 8

Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a huge raptor dating back 70 million years.


Raptors did not hunt in packs, new study finds

5-7-2020 | 8

In direct contrast to their depiction in the Jurassic Park movies, velociraptors were not actually pack hunters.


Bizarre prehistoric 'crazy beast' revealed

 VIDEO  5-1-2020 | 4

A strange mammal that lived in Madagascar has been described as 'one of evolution's abandoned experiments'.


Swimming dinosaur was a real-life river monster

4-30-2020 | 5

One of the largest predators ever to walk the face of the Earth has turned out to be a surprisingly skilled swimmer.


'The most dangerous place in Earth's history'

4-26-2020 | 1

Scientists have identified a region of Africa that was once dominated by a wide variety of predatory dinosaurs.

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