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'Loch Ness Monster' captured on camera by Canadian couple

By T.K. Randall
May 1, 2024 · Comment icon 23 comments

A view of Urquhart Castle which overlooks Loch Ness. Image Credit: Pixabay / AlanFrijns
Something unusual was photographed by the family during a recent visit to Scotland's Loch Ness.
Parry Malm and Shannon Wiseman, who are originally from Canada but who moved to London back in 2006, had been visiting Loch Ness with their children earlier this year when they spotted something in the water near Urquhart Castle.

The object, whatever it was, resembled a dark-colored head protruding from the water's surface.

"We just started watching it more and more, and we could see its head craning above water," Malm told The Vancouver Sun.

"And then it was swimming against the current towards the castle, slowly but surely, like very fastidiously going over the waves (and) coming closer and closer."

"And then it submerged and disappeared."
The couple decided to send the picture to the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register which promptly reported back that the photograph represented "compelling evidence".

Before long, they found themselves being interviewed by the press.

"And just one thing led to another. I mean, it's been incredible," said Malm.

You can check out the photograph for yourself below - could this be Nessie, or something else ?

Source: Vancouver Sun | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 18 days ago
"compelling evidence" .   compelling - to who.   evidence - of what.   
Comment icon #15 Posted by sanchez710 17 days ago
A seal or a bird probably. Analysis of the Loch recently showed eel DNA which would explain many of the previous sightings. It's good for the tourist industry to perpetuate the myth but it's nothing more than a bit of fun with visitors. Loch Ness is by no means the most picturesque Loch in Scotland and yet people flock there for a glimpse of Nessie. Each to their own. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by the13bats 17 days ago
I live in a little town in Florida where the downtown taverns stop serving at midnight, I don't drink but do earn a living in clubs, There is a huge lake I joked with my wife saying if I fake a lake monster it will catch on with bandwagon effect and maybe bring this town at least into the 21 century.
Comment icon #17 Posted by sanchez710 17 days ago
Business would be booming! Worth a try, have you got a name for your Lake Monster yet?
Comment icon #18 Posted by the13bats 17 days ago
It's lake eustis so eussie might work,  
Comment icon #19 Posted by Stiff 17 days ago
Comment icon #20 Posted by diablo_04 17 days ago
My Sunday poop on the toilet looks more like Nessie.
Comment icon #21 Posted by MysteryMike 17 days ago
Even if Nessie by the chance did exist. I'd rather it not be found because anything we discover, we simply just proceed to destroy. Gotta love being human.
Comment icon #22 Posted by the13bats 16 days ago
While I do not think what I'm gonna say is true I used to kind of like to pretend Peter Byrne did find Bigfoot but thinking humans would destroy it keep it to himself.
Comment icon #23 Posted by DieChecker 13 hours ago
Looks really small to me, like a water bird. The tree gives away the scale of it. Think Essan nailed it first post.

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