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Officials confiscate 'alien' foot after raid on UFO museum in Argentina

By T.K. Randall
April 30, 2024 · Comment icon 13 comments
Ovni Museum in Argentina.
Museo del Ovni. Image Credit: YouTube / NueveLitoral
A number of allegedly extraterrestrial-related items were seized after police descended on the Museo del Ovni.
Situated in the Victoria area of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the popular tourist attraction, which is known as the Museo del Ovni (which translates to UFO Museum), has been based in the home of UFO researcher Silvia P rez Simondini for almost 20 years.

Inside, visitors can browse an extensive collection of UFO-related items ranging from archival material and newspaper clippings of famous cases to objects that are alleged to be of alien origin.

The museum also houses archaeological relics believed to have extraterrestrial significance and it was mostly these that authorities were interested in when they raided the premises.

In total, they confiscated some 60 items - most of them archaeological artefacts including a mummified foot that had been advertised as that of an extraterrestrial entity.
It turned out that the foot was among the objects that had attracted the attention of the Peruvian Embassy which alleged that the museum was in violation of an agreement that exists between Peru and Argentina regarding archaeological artifacts and relics.

When the embassy informed authorities in Argentina, the decision was made to raid the building.

Simondini has since argued that the foot had been found by her sister in Peru and that they had offered it to various museums but none had been interested in taking it.

She also claimed that many of the other confiscated items were found in Argentina.

It remains unclear whether or not she will face criminal charges.

Source: Mirror | Comments (13)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 19 days ago
Comment icon #5 Posted by Piney 19 days ago
Not if it's real human remains and if it indigenous remains I hope they are nailed up for it.
Comment icon #6 Posted by the13bats 19 days ago
That's right , remember Jamie mussan and his alien mummies ?drop bear still defends that charlatan, they desecrated burial sites and human remains just to turn a buck off the credious, last I heard the government was after him.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Myles 19 days ago
I could be on either side of this. No proof it is an alien foot. The police is that country are not always reliable.  
Comment icon #8 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 19 days ago
I  hope these people get slammed for this, should the foot be human (I'll bet it is)
Comment icon #9 Posted by WitchHearse 18 days ago
If it is supposedly alien it is probably in reality a deformed animal foot. If it is a possible human foot than they deserve to be raided.
Comment icon #10 Posted by the13bats 18 days ago
I'm too lazy to go find links but this desecration of human remains and making gaffs to try to profit off gullible that it's alien remains has been going on a while now Jaime the charlatan
Comment icon #11 Posted by Antigonos 18 days ago
Papa still thinks they’re real.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Hazzard 18 days ago
  You dont get more gullible than that.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Alchopwn 18 days ago
As a matter of interest, do we have a picture of this alleged alien foot anywhere?

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