Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Natural World

Dogs are able to tell when someone is lying

7-28-2021 | 4

A new study has indicated that our canine companions can often tell whether or not someone is telling the truth.

Natural World

Deep-sea 'Eye of Sauron' volcano discovered

7-24-2021 | 4

Researchers have discovered an undersea volcano that looks like something out of 'The Lord of the Rings'.

Natural World

Giant pandas are no longer endangered

7-9-2021 | 3

Once the poster child for endangered species, China's giant panda has been doing well in recent years.

Natural World

Why are some types of fish not cold-blooded ?

7-6-2021 | 7

Fish physiologist Lucy Harding, and colleagues, have solved the mystery of why some fish are warm-blooded.

Natural World

Huge 'living fossil' fish can live for 100 years

 VIDEO  6-21-2021 | 2

A fish once thought to have died out in prehistoric times is continuing to throw up surprises for scientists.

Natural World

World's oldest alligator celebrates 85th birthday

 VIDEO  6-20-2021 | 1

The aged reptile, who currently lives in Serbia's Belgrade Zoo, is thought to be the oldest alligator on Earth.

Natural World

Dead 'murder hornet' discovered in the US

6-17-2021 | 3

The dried-up specimen is the first giant Asian hornet found in the United States so far this year.

Natural World

Giant crustacean discovered in the Pacific

6-1-2021 | 6

Scientists have revealed how they discovered a new species of amphipod in the Atacama Trench.

Natural World

Giant squid filmed hunting in very rare video

 VIDEO  5-17-2021 | 8

For the first time, scientists have filmed a giant squid feeding in its natural habitat in the depths of the ocean.

Natural World

Monstrous deep-sea fish washes up on beach

5-12-2021 | 9

A black fish with razor-sharp teeth was photographed after washing up on a beach in California last week.

Natural World

'Living fossil' discovered after 273M years

5-10-2021 | 1

Scientists have discovered an ancient symbiotic relationship off Japan that was long thought to be extinct.

Natural World

Giant fish is among largest ever caught in US

5-7-2021 | 2

A group out fishing in the Detroit River recently managed to reel in a staggeringly large lake sturgeon.

Natural World

Only 3% of Earth's land ecosystems are intact

4-15-2021 | 7

Mankind's relentless and destructive influence has damaged just about every ecosystem on Earth.

Natural World

Fish are more like humans than you might think

4-3-2021 | 12

It's difficult to imagine being a fish, but there are many things - some quite surprising - that we have in common.

Natural World

Humans could one day evolve venom glands

4-1-2021 | 17

Scientists believe that our salivary glands have the potential to evolve the ability to produce deadly venom.

Natural World

Has an Amazon 'river monster' invaded Florida?

3-28-2021 | 5

The remains of a giant predatory fish from the Amazon basin were recently found washed up in Jaycee Park.

Natural World

Scientists create map of undiscovered life

3-23-2021 | 5

The new map provides a general overview of where undiscovered species may still be waiting to be found.

Natural World

Rural Australia hit by biblical plague of mice

 VIDEO  3-19-2021 | 25

Rural farms and towns in New South Wales have been dealing with the worst plague of mice in decades.

Natural World

Beekeeper removes giant hive from under shed

 VIDEO  3-15-2021 | 7

A recent viral video shows beekeeper Erika Thompson uncovering a huge beehive beneath a garden shed.

Natural World

Could octopuses one day take over the world ?

3-12-2021 | 27

It is a well known fact that the humble octopus is clever as far as animals go, but is there a limit to its potential?

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