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Nature & Environment

Mystery as pond in Hawaii nature reserve turns bright shade of pink

 VIDEO  11-13-2023 | 1

Local wildlife authorities have been attempting to figure out exactly what might be responsible for the color change.

Nature & Environment

Python hunters catch gargantuan 17ft snake in Florida Everglades

11-10-2023 | 12

Mike Elfenbein and colleagues discovered the massive reptile at Big Cypress National Preserve last week.

Nature & Environment

This real-life 'Jersey Devil' is actually a genuine creature

10-28-2023 | 13

It might look like a rendering of some obscure Pokemon, but it is in fact a real animal.

Nature & Environment

Storm Babet lifts up entire forest floor in remote Scottish woodland

 VIDEO  10-22-2023 | 3

The unusual phenomenon was recently captured on film by a dog walker in Stirlingshire.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious, web-like strands are falling from the sky over California

 VIDEO  10-7-2023 | 12

A peculiar natural phenomenon has been leaving California residents watching the skies this month.

Nature & Environment

Enigmatic new snake discovered... but it may already be dead

10-5-2023 | 2

Researchers outline a new study that identified a mysterious type of snake from Zimbabwe as a new species.

Nature & Environment

The mayfly has the shortest adult lifespan of any known animal

9-11-2023 | 3

Life is short, but when compared with the lifespans of some creatures, human lives last almost an eternity.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious 'golden egg' discovered on the ocean floor

9-6-2023 | 9

The unidentified object, which has been likened to one of the eggs from the movie 'Alien', was found off the coast of Alaska.

Nature & Environment

New species of snake has been named after Harrison Ford

8-18-2023 | 2

The serpent, which was found in the remote mountains of Peru, has been named in homage to Ford's most famous character.

Nature & Environment

Sun bears are so human-like they can be mistaken for people in suits

 VIDEO  8-17-2023 | 19

Recent footage from a zoo in China suggested that the sun bear was a man in a suit - but actually it wasn't.

Nature & Environment

Kayaker comes across humpback whale that appears frozen in place

 VIDEO  8-14-2023 | 16

Social media star Brodie Moss came across a whale's tail sticking out of the water while out on his kayak.

Nature & Environment

Hidden 'underworld' discovered beneath deep sea hydrothermal vents

 VIDEO  8-10-2023 | 2

Scientists have discovered an entirely new ecosystem filled with exotic life forms beneath the ocean floor.

Nature & Environment

Mystery as thousands of dead penguins wash up in Uruguay

7-25-2023 | 2

Scientists have been struggling to determine what has been causing the birds to wash up along the shoreline en masse.

Nature & Environment

Video shows hunter wrestling with largest python ever found in Florida

7-15-2023 | 8

The snake, which measured 5.79 meters in length, proved quite a challenge to catch.

Nature & Environment

World's most expensive cow is worth a whopping $4.3 million

7-1-2023 | 6

If you have particularly deep pockets, consider picking up a bovine investment - or at least a third of one.

Nature & Environment

Orcas are attacking boats and the phenomenon seems to be spreading

 VIDEO  6-27-2023 | 21

The seaborne mammals have sunk 3 boats and damaged 100 more over the past 18 months or so.

Nature & Environment

Record-breaking catfish caught by angler in Italian river

 VIDEO  6-20-2023 | 5

The gargantuan specimen - a Wels catfish - measured 2.85 meters (or 9.4ft) in length.

Nature & Environment

World's largest captive crocodile celebrates 120th birthday

 VIDEO  6-14-2023 | 2

Known as Cassius, this gargantuan reptile was captured back in 1984 and has lived in a crocodile park ever since.

Nature & Environment

Rare all-white Risso's dolphin filmed in Monterey Bay, California

6-4-2023 | 0

The distinctive seaborne mammal delighted passengers aboard a whale-watching vessel last month.

Nature & Environment

Scientists film octopus 'waking up from a nightmare'

 VIDEO  5-24-2023 | 12

The footage shows the snoozing cephalopod jolting violently awake as though reacting to a bad dream.

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