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Science & Technology

World's largest nuclear fusion reactor has commenced operations in Japan

 VIDEO  12-4-2023 | 2

It is hoped that the JT-60SA reactor will help to pave the way toward clean, near-limitless energy for everyone.

Science & Technology

Science shows that free will doesn't exist, Stanford professor claims

12-2-2023 | 74

Do we really have control over our actions or are they predetermined by our genes, environment and upbringing ?

Science & Technology

Do you think you could land a passenger plane in an emergency ?

11-28-2023 | 36

According to a new survey, a surprising number of people believe that they could land a plane themselves.

Science & Technology

Doctor Who at 60: what qualities make the best companion ?

11-25-2023 | 7

Psychologist Sarita Robinson takes a look at what traits make someone a good fit for a trip in the TARDIS.

Science & Technology

Mysterious yellow glass in Libya traced back to extraterrestrial impact

11-22-2023 | 12

Geoscientist Elizaveta Kovaleva explains how she and her colleagues unraveled the mystery of the yellow desert glass.

Science & Technology

Scientists are building a device that can induce lucid dreams on demand

11-12-2023 | 7

A new technology startup hopes to offer a wearable consumer device that can enable anyone to have lucid dreams.

Science & Technology

Surgeons successfully conduct world's first whole-eye transplant

11-11-2023 | 4

Military veteran Aaron James had lost his eye and half of his face in a high-voltage electrical accident.

Science & Technology

Biden's new executive order on regulating AI: here's what it all means

11-1-2023 | 8

Prof Toby Walsh examines US President Joe Biden's surprisingly ambitious step toward regulating artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

NASA to test its secretive X-59 supersonic plane in 2024

10-31-2023 | 24

This cutting-edge experimental aircraft will be capable of breaking the sound barrier without creating loud sonic booms.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics robot can now have a conversation with you

 VIDEO  10-30-2023 | 6

The firm's robotic dog 'Spot' has taken one step closer to world domination - and it sounds like a British butler.

Science & Technology

How long would it take for a zombie plague to spread across a city ?

10-29-2023 | 14

A new study has determined the amount of time it would take for a zombie apocalypse to overwhelm a single city.

Science & Technology

Long-lost continent 'Argoland' located 155 million years later

 VIDEO  10-24-2023 | 1

Scientists have determined the whereabouts of a large chunk of Australia that broke off in the distant past.

Science & Technology

What happens when an AI inevitably passes the Turing test ?

10-19-2023 | 5

With AI systems such as ChatGPT becoming increasingly capable, it's only a matter of time before an AI can fool a human.

Science & Technology

The result of a coin toss might not be random, new study suggests

10-15-2023 | 2

New research has called into question the notion that tossing a coin yields a 50/50 chance of heads or trails.

Science & Technology

What exactly is intelligence and could it really be an ethical liability ?

10-14-2023 | 7

Richard van Oort takes a look at intelligence and its role in the existential threats that our civilization currently faces.

Science & Technology

New law of physics supports the idea that we live in a simulated universe

10-12-2023 | 13

The second law of infodynamics seems to add credence to the idea that the world we live in isn't actually real.

Science & Technology

Is there really a 1 in 6 chance of human extinction this century?

10-7-2023 | 3

Toby Ord's 2020 book painted a grim picture of humanity's chances this century, but just how accurate is his prediction ?

Science & Technology

Pregnant women could help to solve the mysteries of pareidolia

10-1-2023 | 1

Pareidolia is the brain's tendency to perceive meaningful shapes in abstract patterns, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

Science & Technology

Scientists are battling it out over rival theories of consciousness

9-29-2023 | 1

Consciousness remains a fascinating enigma and the scientific community is unable to agree upon any one theory.

Science & Technology

Does antimatter fall up ? Scientists now have the answer

9-28-2023 | 24

Physicists at CERN have conducted a major new experiment to find out whether antimatter falls up or down.

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