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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Science & Technology

By 2030, will we actually 'own' anything ?

7-7-2021 | 49

Some experts predict that in the near future, we will be renting, rather than owning, just about everything.

Science & Technology

Earth was 'primed for life' 2.7 billion years ago

7-6-2021 | 0

An analysis of diamonds from Earth's distant past has revealed the presence of volatile gases crucial for life.

Science & Technology

Pipeline fire looks like scene from 'Pacific Rim'

 VIDEO  7-3-2021 | 13

A ruptured gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico saw a veritable inferno erupt from the water's surface.

Science & Technology

Heart rates of free divers can drop to just 11bpm

7-1-2021 | 2

Some of the best free divers can reduce their heart rate to that typically found in aquatic mammals such as seals.

Science & Technology

Human brains are capable of 'mental time travel'

6-30-2021 | 7

Scientists have been unravelling the brain's peculiar ability to organize memories in chronological order.

Science & Technology

Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years

6-24-2021 | 1

Many of our planet's most significant geological events have occurred in roughly 27.5-million-year intervals.

Science & Technology

Restored 1899 footage is like a time machine

 VIDEO  6-21-2021 | 8

Incredible film footage that's over 120 years old shows holidaymakers enjoying the seaside in France.

Science & Technology

World's 3rd largest diamond found in Botswana

6-19-2021 | 1

An absolutely enormous 1,098-carat diamond has been unearthed by the Debswana Diamond Company.

Science & Technology

New US bill could ban facial recognition tech

6-19-2021 | 4

Congress has introduced a bill that aims to stop facial recognition being used by law enforcement agencies.

Science & Technology

Solving the Golden Gate Bridge's mystery hum

 VIDEO  6-16-2021 | 6

A strange humming noise emanating from the iconic bridge has been driving locals round the bend.

Science & Technology

Song triggers amnesiac's lost memories

6-16-2021 | 4

A man who had forgotten ten years of his life suddenly experienced flashbacks after hearing a specific song.

Science & Technology

Drone refuels US fighter jet for first time ever

 VIDEO  6-8-2021 | 11

An unmanned tanker drone successfully refueled a fighter jet in mid-air during a test flight on Friday.

Science & Technology

Humans can learn echolocation in 10 weeks

6-5-2021 | 5

A new experiment has shown that humans are quite capable of learning how to 'see' with sound.

Science & Technology

Is consciousness the 'ghost in the machine' ?

6-5-2021 | 23

For centuries, mankind has struggled to understand the precise nature of human consciousness.

Science & Technology

Boaty McBoatface goes for a swim in Loch Ness

5-29-2021 | 5

Scientists have been using Loch Ness to prepare several robotic submarines for deep-sea expeditions.

Science & Technology

Humans could live for 150 years, study claims

5-28-2021 | 20

New research has indicated that 150 might be the oldest age that any human could realistically reach.

Science & Technology

Experiment offers new nuclear fusion hope

5-26-2021 | 1

A recent breakthrough in fusion reactor heat dissipation could pave the way for commercial fusion power.

Science & Technology

Why do we hate the sound of our own voices ?

5-17-2021 | 49

Your voice can sound very different (to you) when recorded and played back, but exactly why is that ?

Science & Technology

Can humans breathe through their rectum ?

5-15-2021 | 26

A new study has revealed that pigs and other mammals can absorb oxygen through their rear-ends.

Science & Technology

Pink drinks help you run faster, study claims

5-14-2021 | 9

The findings of a recent study have suggested that runners perform better if they consume pink liquids.

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