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Science & Technology

'World's most advanced' humanoid robot attempts to tell a joke

 VIDEO  6-26-2023 | 13

Ameca is capable of realistically mimicking human expressions but hasn't quite grasped the nuances of humor.

Science & Technology

Titan submersible - what exactly is a 'catastrophic implosion' ?

6-24-2023 | 275

Mechanical engineering expert Eric Fusil takes a look at what ultimately happened to the crew of the ill-fated expedition.

Science & Technology

Debris field discovery confirms that the Titan submersible has been lost

6-22-2023 | 275

Search and rescue officials have revealed that parts of the missing sub have been found on the ocean floor.

Science & Technology

What safety features should the Titan sub have been equipped with?

6-22-2023 | 275

With time running out for the crew, experts have weighed in on the safety measures missing from the stricken sub.

Science & Technology

Scientists create synthetic human embryos in major breakthrough

6-15-2023 | 4

The remarkable achievement involved creating synthetic human embryos from stem cells in the laboratory.

Science & Technology

If humans vanished, what would the Earth be like after one year ?

6-13-2023 | 20

We have had a profound impact on our planet, but what would happen if we all simply disappeared ?

Science & Technology

How specifically could AI cause the extinction of mankind ?

6-2-2023 | 3

Professor Nello Cristianini investigates how exactly artificial intelligence might bring about the doom of civilization.

Science & Technology

FDA approves Elon Musk's Neuralink for human trials

5-31-2023 | 10

The entrepreneur's new brain-computer interface can finally begin testing on human volunteers.

Science & Technology

Scientists discover potential new way to boost the brain's abilities

5-28-2023 | 1

The research involved rhythmically stimulating the brain with electrical currents to boost cognitive function.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent device that generates electricity out of thin air

5-25-2023 | 25

The novel 'air-gen' device is capable of continuously generating electricity using almost any material.

Science & Technology

Aphantasia: why are some people unable to picture things in their mind?

5-20-2023 | 12

The ability to mentally picture things might seem second nature, but some people are unable to do it at all.

Science & Technology

What can 'Star Trek: Picard' tell us about today's cybersecurity threats ?

5-14-2023 | 0

Star Trek might be science fiction, but some of the themes it explores are not that far removed from the real world.

Science & Technology

How accurate is the claim that we only use 10% of our brains ?

5-7-2023 | 13

It's an idea that has been spread around for decades - but as one scientist explains, there's nothing to actually back it up.

Science & Technology

Comatose patients 'internally awakened' as they died, study finds

5-4-2023 | 1

Researchers found signs of 'conscious-like' brain activity in patients who passed away while in a coma.

Science & Technology

In the future, which jobs should be taken over by robots ?

4-29-2023 | 20

Robots are going to be everywhere in the coming years, but are there some jobs that we shouldn't be too quick to give up ?

Science & Technology

Woman emerges from cave after spending 500 days completely alone

 VIDEO  4-21-2023 | 2

The remarkable stunt was part of an experiment to help scientists better understand the effects of extreme isolation.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk is setting up a new artificial intelligence company

4-15-2023 | 6

Named X.AI, the new firm will be the entrepreneur's attempt to rival the extremely popular ChatGPT.

Science & Technology

How much of the Earth's gold reserves have we found and how much is left ?

4-8-2023 | 2

Gold is a valuable and highly coveted resource - but just how much of the Earth's supply have we found so far ?

Science & Technology

Scientist is attempting to live underwater for 100 days

 VIDEO  4-6-2023 | 8

Former US Navy diver Joe Dituri is attempting to live in an underwater habitat for a period of over 3 months.

Science & Technology

Tech leaders call for 6-month pause on development of advanced AI

3-30-2023 | 42

More than 1,000 industry leaders and experts have called for a 6-month pause to assess the risks to humanity.

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