Sunday, June 23, 2024
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World of the Bizarre

School district goes into lockdown due to 'Bigfoot' roaming the grounds

 VIDEO  5-7-2024 | 5

The Firelands Local School District in Ohio was locked down earlier this month for a very strange reason indeed.

Science & Technology

World's first ever tooth regrowth medication to be trialled in Japan

5-7-2024 | 3

In a world-first, scientists will be testing out medication allegedly capable of regrowing human teeth.

Nature & Environment

Prospector films possible black panther in Victoria, Australia

5-6-2024 | 7

The animal, which looked unusually large for a domestic cat, was seen bounding through a nearby field.

Space & Astronomy

New study offers update on possible detection of life on K2-18b

5-6-2024 | 8

Has the James Webb Space Telescope found life on a distant extrasolar world or could there be an alternative explanation ?

World of the Bizarre

Scammers are trying to sell seeds for fake cat-shaped flowers on eBay

5-5-2024 | 7

These remarkable looking flowers, described as 'cat's eye dazzle', are as fake as can be.

Archaeology & History

Why does this 16th-Century illustration show a cat with a jetpack on its back ?

5-5-2024 | 29

This curious drawing is found in the manuscript of a book written in the 16th-Century by Franz Helm.

Archaeology & History

DNA study reveals lives of ancient nomads who vanished 1,000 years ago

5-4-2024 | 3

Scientists are learning more about these long-lost nomads thanks to new DNA analysis techniques.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Possible 'Ogopogo' lake monster filmed in British Columbia

 VIDEO  5-4-2024 | 16

A local resident had been out for a walk recently when she filmed something unusual moving in Okanagan Lake.

Modern Mysteries

Girl's claim of a 'monster' in her bedroom leads to horrifying discovery

5-3-2024 | 2

After initially dismissing her claims as mere imagination, her parents soon realized that she wasn't making things up.

World of the Bizarre

Escaped zebra repeatedly eludes capture in Washington state

 VIDEO  5-3-2024 | 5

A zebra is currently on the loose somewhere in the Cascade Mountains and nobody has been able to catch it.


Could gamma-ray bursts explain the apparent lack of alien civilizations ?

5-2-2024 | 26

A type of rare, though extremely energetic and deadly cosmic event is able to wipe out whole planets.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Flying saucer' spotted on the back of a truck in Argentina

5-2-2024 | 10

A motorist captured images of a large metallic disc-shaped object being hauled along a desert road on a truck.


Now conspiracy theorists are claiming that our solar system has two suns

5-1-2024 | 18

This latest in a long line of ridiculous conspiracy theories is perhaps the most nonsensical one to date.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Loch Ness Monster' captured on camera by Canadian couple

5-1-2024 | 27

Something unusual was photographed by the family during a recent visit to Scotland's Loch Ness.


Officials confiscate 'alien' foot after raid on UFO museum in Argentina

 VIDEO  4-30-2024 | 13

A number of allegedly extraterrestrial-related items were seized after police descended on the Museo del Ovni.

Science & Technology

Creators of AI 'death calculator' issue warning to the public

4-30-2024 | 10

Life2vec uses artificial intelligence to predict with eerie accuracy when you are most likely to die.

Science & Technology

Could remembering something actually damage our brain cells ?

4-29-2024 | 5

New research suggests that the process of forming long-term memories might damage the brain's nerve cells.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon releases report on pilot UFO encounter over Gulf Of Mexico

4-29-2024 | 16

The Pentagon's UFO office has reached a conclusion about the nature of an object observed near Eglin last year.

Nature & Environment

Could whales granted legal 'personhood' status take us to court?

4-28-2024 | 6

In New Zealand, Indigenous leaders recently signed a remarkable new treaty to recognize whales as legal 'persons'.


What would be the most terrifying message we could receive from ET ?

4-28-2024 | 48

Scientists have been listening out for alien messages for years, but perhaps we'd be better off not receiving anything at all.

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