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Science & Technology

Time crystals confirmed as new state of matter

 VIDEO  3-9-2017 | 65

For the first time ever, scientists have successfully managed to create time crystals in a laboratory.

Science & Technology

Scientists revive 10,000-year-old life forms

2-18-2017 | 14

In a remarkable breakthrough, microbes trapped inside cave crystals have been brought back to life.

Science & Technology

Crystals suggest earlier emergence of life

10-20-2015 | 26

New evidence has revealed that life may have appeared on Earth 300 million years earlier than thought.

Science & Technology

Crystals could enable underwater breathing

10-3-2014 | 28

A remarkable new type of crystal is capable of absorbing all the oxygen from the air or water around it.

Science & Technology

Time crystals and perpetual motion

5-2-2013 | 16

A Nobel Prize-winning physicist has devised the concept of a mysterious structure called a time crystal.

Science & Technology

Quasicrystals could come from space

8-13-2012 | 5

Mysterious naturally occuring quasicrystals in Russia are believed to be extraterrestrial in origin.

Science & Technology

Impossible crystals are 'from space'

1-5-2012 | 6

Quasicrystals were thought impossible to occur naturally until geologists came across some in Russia.

Science & Technology

'Magnetic electricity' discovered

10-16-2009 | 4

The magnetic equivalent to electricity has been discovered, dubbed magnetricity the phenomenon involves the use of magne...

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