Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Natural World

Weird 'tortilla' fish mystery finally solved

9-5-2021 | 1

When Tom Bosworth fished up this peculiar specimen earlier this year, he had no idea what it was at all.


Viral clip shows fish falling from sky, hitting car

 VIDEO  8-17-2021 | 13

A residential doorbell camera in Virginia recently picked up the moment a fish plummeted from the sky.

Natural World

Weird shapeshifting fish spotted off California

 VIDEO  8-15-2021 | 11

Scientists have captured very rare footage of a particularly unusual type of fish off the coast of California.

Natural World

Viral image shows fish with 'human-like teeth'

8-10-2021 | 10

This peculiar fish, which looks like it could do with a visit to the dentist, was caught in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Natural World

Scientists spot real-life Spongebob and Patrick

8-1-2021 | 3

A recent underwater expedition picked up footage of a surprisingly familiar looking sponge and starfish.

Natural World

Why are some types of fish not cold-blooded ?

7-6-2021 | 8

Fish physiologist Lucy Harding, and colleagues, have solved the mystery of why some fish are warm-blooded.

Natural World

Huge 'living fossil' fish can live for 100 years

 VIDEO  6-21-2021 | 3

A fish once thought to have died out in prehistoric times is continuing to throw up surprises for scientists.

Natural World

Monstrous deep-sea fish washes up on beach

5-12-2021 | 10

A black fish with razor-sharp teeth was photographed after washing up on a beach in California last week.

Natural World

Giant fish is among largest ever caught in US

5-7-2021 | 3

A group out fishing in the Detroit River recently managed to reel in a staggeringly large lake sturgeon.


Weird device lets you take your fish for a walk

5-3-2021 | 14

A Japanese firm is developing a portable container that enables you to take your pet fish for a walk... yes, really.

Natural World

Fish are more like humans than you might think

4-3-2021 | 13

It's difficult to imagine being a fish, but there are many things - some quite surprising - that we have in common.

Natural World

Has an Amazon 'river monster' invaded Florida?

3-28-2021 | 6

The remains of a giant predatory fish from the Amazon basin were recently found washed up in Jaycee Park.


Bizarre shark with human-like face discovered

 VIDEO  2-24-2021 | 21

A fisherman in Indonesian recently caught this bizarre looking shark with surprisingly human-like facial features.

Natural World

Octopus is filmed punching a fish in the face

 VIDEO  12-26-2020 | 8

Octopuses and fish sometimes work together to find food, but this unlikely alliance doesn't always work out.

Natural World

Massive goldfish caught in South Carolina lake

12-9-2020 | 5

Wildlife officials in the state have discovered a truly gargantuan goldfish weighing in at over nine pounds.

Modern Mysteries

German Enigma machine found in the Baltic Sea

12-6-2020 | 3

Divers searching for fishing nets have uncovered one of the infamous code machines used during World War II.

Natural World

Viral image shows fish with human-like teeth

7-19-2020 | 8

A photograph of a very strange looking fish with lips and teeth like those of a human has gone viral online.


Fossil of gigantic predatory fish unearthed

7-7-2020 | 4

Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a 70 million-year-old carnivorous fish in Patagonia.

Natural World

Huge bird catches 'shark' in new viral video

 VIDEO  7-4-2020 | 10

The spectacle of a bird catching an enormous fish has been captured on film at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach.

Natural World

Images of bizarre bright 'painted' fish go viral

 VIDEO  6-27-2020 | 11

The team behind a Japanese fishing YouTube channel recently posted up images of their latest peculiar catch.

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