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Fisherman trawled up possible wing of MH370 off coast of Australia in 2014

By T.K. Randall
December 20, 2023 · Comment icon 3 comments

Could MH370 have come down in the ocean off the coast of Australia ? Image Credit: PD - Arpingstone
An Australian fisherman has come forward to reveal that he had discovered the wing of a commercial airliner.
Exactly what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8, 2014 still remains one of the most enduring mysteries in aviation history.

Numerous theories have arisen over the years, but by now it seems increasingly likely that the plane and its passengers were flown intentionally to their doom by its pilot for reasons unknown.

Locating the wreckage, however, has proven almost impossible, with extensive search efforts conducted over several years failing to locate the whereabouts of the plane.

While it is generally believed that MH370 came down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, an intriguing new clue, which may cast doubt on this assumption, has now emerged courtesy of retired Australian fisherman Kit Olver.

Olver claims that, while fishing around 55km off the south-east coast of South Australia in late 2014, his nets latched onto something very large that he struggled to bring to the surface.

"It was a bloody great wing of a big jet airliner," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I've questioned myself; I've looked for a way out of this. I wish to Christ I'd never seen the thing... but there it is. It was a jet's wing."
His story has also been corroborated by fellow crew member George Currie.

"It was incredibly heavy and awkward," said Currie. "It stretched out the net and ripped it. It was too big to get up on the deck. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. It was obviously a wing, or a big part of it, from a commercial plane. It was white, and obviously not from a military jet or a little plane."

In the end, Olver had to take the decision to cut the nets and let the wing drift back out to sea.

When he tried to report the find to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA), he was told that he had simply found a Russian cargo crate that had fallen off a ship.

His report was never followed up on and today, the AMSA claims to have no record of his call.

"It was from years ago, it was on my conscience and I've cleared it now and told my story," said Olver.

"So whether it's believed or acted on is out of my hands."

Source: Mail Online | Comments (3)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Nosy.Matters 5 months ago
Fisherman must have a lot of grit, the man is almost 80 and still going strong. Thanks fo r the post.      - --nosy
Comment icon #2 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 months ago
Well, if authorities can't confirm his call in 2014, all I can say is, here we go again. so sad. BTW, I am certain it was terrorism and authorities are trying to hide it.  Hiding the plane...? well, actually hiding the passengers. and why,,,? because the "condition" of the bodies would be too telling.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Jon the frog 4 months ago
GPS position ??? No mention of it... so even if it's true, it's still searching in a haystack.

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