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Mysterious 'jellyfish' UFO filmed floating over US military base

By T.K. Randall
January 13, 2024 · Comment icon 62 comments
Jellyfish-shaped UFO over military base.
What could this object be ? Image Credit: Instagram / Jeremy Corbell
The object, which was only visible using thermal imaging cameras, seemed to have appendages dangling from its underside.
Over the last few years we've been hearing an increasing number of accounts from US military personnel of unidentified objects (UAPs) encountered both in the United States and abroad.

This latest video, which comes courtesy of UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell, shows what has been described as a 'jellyfish' UFO that was filmed over a US military base using thermal imaging.

"It goes over a body of water," said Corbell.

"I'm told it stops on a dime, descends stiff into the water and for 17 minutes nothing. And boom! This thing comes out of the water and shoots off at 45 degrees."

Corbell, who is an investigative journalist and filmmaker, maintained that the footage was likely to be authentic due to the risks taken by his sources in getting it to him.
He also claimed that in 2018, troops were instructed to 'hunt down' the object.

Since the video emerged, a former intelligence analyst with the United States Marine Corps - Michael Concoski - has also come forward to claim that US troops had been hounded by the object in Iraq for years.

"It kind of just ended up being like the ghost story of the base," he told News Nation.

"It didn't seem to be posturing to threaten us at all."

"Some of the Marines were tasked to try to find it on night vision. They were looking for it with their other sensors and everything else that we had."

You can check out the footage as part of the News Nation report below.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (62)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #53 Posted by Hazzard 3 months ago
Sling loading some crap from a helicopter? (Helicopter out of frame at the top)
Comment icon #54 Posted by Unusual Tournament 3 months ago
The Pentagon has issued a statement about the "Jellyfish" UFO/UAP case as released on TMZ by @JeremyCorbell: “We do not comment on the authenticity of alleged DOD material that may have been leaked. DOD takes public interest in unidentified anomalous phenomena seriously and is committed to openness and accountability to the American people.  This commitment must be balanced with the department’s obligation to protect sensitive information, sources, and methods.  To that end, AARO will provide updates to the public via its website as it resolves UAP cases, including sharing the analytic a... [More]
Comment icon #55 Posted by Saru 3 months ago
Thread cleaned Keep it civil please folks, there's far too much hostility being thrown around.
Comment icon #56 Posted by OverSword 3 months ago
That was my first thought too.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Hazzard 3 months ago
Cant find the clip now, but it was a military guy that said he used the same thermal as in the video, and that is exactly how "birthday balloons" looks as they drift with the wind. The reason they fade in and out is because of the sun reflecting on the balloons surface relative to the thermal.  
Comment icon #58 Posted by Macho MAGA Man 3 months ago
But in this instance, the clip was taken at night.
Comment icon #59 Posted by Hazzard 3 months ago
Link please.
Comment icon #60 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 3 months ago
A Thrust Vectoring Drone.  
Comment icon #61 Posted by Macho MAGA Man 3 months ago
Neat but the thing over the base in Iraq was silent.
Comment icon #62 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 3 months ago
somebody spit on the screen?

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