Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Natural World

Australian islands closed due to rat invasion

5-28-2018 | 4

Up to a dozen islands off the far north coast of Queensland have now been closed to the public.

Modern Mysteries

Dead man found wedged inside a toilet wall

5-2-2018 | 16

Authorities in Calgary have been investigating the mysterious death of a man found in a public lavatory.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking's final multiverse theory published

5-2-2018 | 47

Stephen Hawking's final theory of the cosmos was completed shortly before he passed away in March.

Modern Mysteries

Bones are '99% likely' to be Amelia Earhart's

3-8-2018 | 19

A newly published study has strongly suggested that the famed aviator's remains were found back in 1940.


Capcom is offering $70K for proof of monsters

1-30-2018 | 23

The video game developer and publisher is looking for evidence that monsters exist in the real world.

Science & Technology

Footage of US nuclear tests published online

 VIDEO  12-16-2017 | 18

The 62 newly declassified videos show nuclear bomb experiments being conducted between 1945 and 1962.


'Little Foot' human ancestor goes on display

12-8-2017 | 5

For the first time ever, South Africa's oldest known hominid skeleton has been unveiled to the public.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Deadly ghost' kills four men in Thailand

11-11-2017 | 9

Public health officials have been sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of four men in Kalasin province.


German man avoids traffic by swimming to work

 VIDEO  8-12-2017 | 19

Benjamin David, who lives in Munich, shuns public transport in favor of diving in to his local river.

The UFO Phenomenon

Eden Project UFO revealed as publicity stunt

7-25-2017 | 16

Videos and pictures of an alleged UFO over Cornwall have turned out to be part of a promotional exercise.


Public names locomotive 'Trainy McTrainface'

7-23-2017 | 27

A recent poll in Sweden has shown, once again, why asking the public to name anything is a bad idea.

The UFO Phenomenon

UK UFO files have finally been released

6-24-2017 | 15

The National Archives has published a collection of 15 Ministry of Defence files on the subject of UFOs.


'Bigfoot' prints photographed in Texas parks

6-16-2017 | 23

Authorities at the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department have published some intriguing pictures.

Modern Mysteries

Winchester Mystery House opens new rooms

 VIDEO  5-27-2017 | 0

The mysterious mansion in California has opened several new rooms to the public for the first time ever.

Space & Astronomy

New photograph shows the Earth from Mars

1-9-2017 | 11

NASA has recently published a stunning new photograph taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Science & Technology

Isaac Newton science book sells for $3.7M

12-21-2016 | 5

The 300-year-old publication has become the most expensive printed science book ever sold at auction.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Long-lost 1890s HG Wells ghost story revealed

11-26-2016 | 7

The man behind 'The Time Machine' and other literary classics also wrote an unpublished ghost story.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Did Nostradamus predict Trump's victory ?

11-12-2016 | 78

Both modern day and historical prophets may have foreseen the Republican candidate's rise to power.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' tips over cleaning supplies in pub

 VIDEO  10-24-2016 | 26

CCTV footage recorded in a pub in England appears to show objects being moved around by an unseen force.

Ancient Mysteries

25 unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls unveiled

10-10-2016 | 22

A selection of never-before-seen Dead Sea Scroll fragments have been published in two new books.

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