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Modern Mysteries

Divers search shipwreck for the Amber Room

9-9-2021 | 1

A dive team has been exploring the wreck of a sunken German warship in search of Russia's long-lost treasure.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi shipwreck could contain Amber Room

10-2-2020 | 6

A Polish diving team has discovered the final resting place of the missing WWII-era steamer 'Karlsruhe'.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious hidden bunker unearthed in Poland

6-12-2019 | 15

Treasure hunters believe that the bunker could be where the Nazis stored Russia's long-lost Amber Room.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi gold train could contain 'Amber Room'

8-31-2015 | 93

The mysterious Nazi gold train in Poland may contain an ornate room stolen from St Petersburg in 1941.

Modern Mysteries

Amber Room of the Tsars found by treasure hunter ?

1-19-2010 | 10

The priceless Amber Room of the Tsars was looted and hidden by the Nazis in World War 2 but may now have been found again.

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