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Archaeology & History

Does the Aztec death whistle make the creepiest sound in the world ?

 VIDEO  12-16-2023 | 12

First used centuries ago, this unique form of whistle makes the haunting sound of a blood-curdling scream.

Archaeology & History

New sections of 'tower of skulls' discovered

 VIDEO  12-13-2020 | 3

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed new sections of a terrifying structure made from human skulls.

Archaeology & History

Aztec epidemic mystery may have been solved

1-16-2018 | 5

500 years ago, a deadly epidemic known as 'cocoliztli' killed nearly 80 per cent of the Aztec population.

Archaeology & History

Ancient model of the universe discovered

1-5-2018 | 7

Archaeologists have unearthed a depiction of the mythical Aztec universe on the side of a volcano.

Archaeology & History

Aztec tower of skulls unearthed in Mexico

 VIDEO  7-3-2017 | 4

Archaeologists have located the site of a gruesome structure that was built from hundreds of human skulls.

Archaeology & History

Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid

4-26-2015 | 64

Significant quantities of the metal have been found inside the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent.

Archaeology & History

50 skulls discovered in Aztec temple

10-7-2012 | 2

The discovery at Templo Mayor represents the largest number of skulls to ever be found in one offering.

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