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Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart plane debris to undergo testing

2-15-2021 | 3

A piece of metal thought to have come from the famed aviator's plane is set to undergo a battery of tests.

Science & Technology

Researchers invent battery-free mobile phone

7-11-2017 | 5

Boffins at the University of Washington have come up with a way to remove the need for charging entirely.

Science & Technology

NASA developing plane with 18 propellers

3-22-2015 | 8

A new experimental aircraft has been designed to demonstrate the viability of battery-powered planes.

Science & Technology

New battery can recharge within two minutes

10-14-2014 | 14

Researchers in Singapore have come up with a battery that can recharge within the space of a few minutes.

Space & Astronomy

Astronaut feels toll of space on his body

2-11-2012 | 8

A former astronaut is undergoing a battery of tests to understand how space has changed his eyesight.

Science & Technology

New air battery proposed for electric cars

1-13-2012 | 10

IBM physicists are working on an air battery for electric cars that will help them to outlast gas models.

Science & Technology

Man is fitted with artificial heart

8-4-2011 | 4

40-year-old Matthew Green has a completely artificial heart powered by a pump and battery in a rucksack.

Science & Technology

Exoskeleton gives soldiers super strength

4-8-2009 | 18

A new battery powered exoskeleton has been developed by Lockheed Martin for US soldiers that will allow a person to carr...

Science & Technology

Virus battery could power Ipods, cars

4-3-2009 | 13

A new battery has been proposed based on an engineered virus that collects negatively charged particles. The virus could...

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