Friday, September 22, 2023
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Archaeology & History

The Black Death may not have been spread by rats, study claims

1-18-2023 | 0

Researchers Samuel Cohn and Philip Slavin have called into question the role rats played in spreading the plague.

Science & Technology

The Black Death was not as catastrophic as we thought

2-12-2022 | 2

While undeniably devastating, the plague was not as widespread or as deadly as has long been believed.

Science & Technology

Outbreak of the Black Death reported in China

11-21-2019 | 28

A resurgence of the bubonic plague in China has been raising eyebrows this week, but just how dangerous is it?


Fossil flea carries ancient plague bacteria

9-30-2015 | 15

A 20 million-year-old flea trapped in amber is thought to be carrying the ancestor of Black Death.

Modern Mysteries

Were gerbils responsible for the plague ?

2-24-2015 | 23

Scientists believe that rats may not have been responsible for the Black Death in Europe after all.

Archaeology & History

Workers unearth 'Black Death' plague pit

3-15-2013 | 47

More than a dozen skeletons have been discovered buried underneath a busy part of central London.

Science & Technology

US man contracts plague after bitten by a cat

6-15-2012 | 45

An Oregan man has contracted the infamous Black Death plague after being bitten by a cat.

Science & Technology

Cause of the Black Death plague identified

10-19-2010 | 13

Scientists have determined the bacteria responsible for the "Black Death" during the middle ages.

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