Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Man kills friend 'to stop him from summoning Bigfoot'

7-15-2022 | 20

A bizarre murder investigation concerns the case of a man who believed that his friend had sent Bigfoot to eat him.

Space & Astronomy

James Webb Space Telescope hit by tiny micrometeoroid

6-9-2022 | 3

The next-generation telescope has been hit by a tiny space rock, but there's no need to be too concerned about it.


Bermuda Triangle cruise offers refunds if ship disappears

5-26-2022 | 4

The Norwegian Prima liner has offered a tongue-in-cheek refund policy to allay any concerns about the notorious region.

Science & Technology

The standard model of particle physics may be broken

5-9-2022 | 5

Prof Roger Jones - who works at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern - looks at the future of physics discoveries.

Natural World

Concerns surround plans for world's first octopus farm

2-25-2022 | 11

A Spanish company is planning to set up such a venture within the next two years - but is it really a good idea ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Concerns raised over Pentagon's new UFO office

12-2-2021 | 0

Former officials maintain that the new office will compromise efforts to establish full transparency on the subject.

Science & Technology

World governments are embracing AI big time

7-19-2021 | 11

Despite concerns over where it could lead, artificial intelligence - for better or worse - is here to stay.

Science & Technology

Hybrid embryos are part human, part monkey

4-16-2021 | 32

The controversial research, while impressive, has unsurprisingly raised some major ethical concerns.

Science & Technology

Large Hadron Collider discovers new particles

3-8-2021 | 2

Scientists at Cern recently discovered four new particles using the world's largest atom smasher in Geneva.

Science & Technology

Tom Cruise deepfake is sign of things to come

 VIDEO  3-3-2021 | 19

A series of extremely convincing deepfake clips of Tom Cruise have raised both concern and intrigue.

The UFO Phenomenon

Reid: 'UFOs interfered with US nuclear program'

 VIDEO  10-7-2020 | 40

In a new documentary, former Senator Harry Reid has repeated his claims concerning UFOs and nuclear sites.


'Tesla was from Venus' claims FBI document

9-22-2020 | 53

A rather peculiar claim concerning Nikola Tesla has been found in the archives of the FBI's official website.

Space & Astronomy

Russia conducts anti-satellite weapons test

7-24-2020 | 7

Both the US and UK have expressed concern about an apparent test launch of a Russian space-based weapon.

Science & Technology

CERN set to back Hadron Collider successor

6-20-2020 | 8

Plans are in motion to replace the gargantuan atom smasher with a new accelerator that is four times larger.


Concerns raised in NZ over hunt for 'giants'

2-18-2020 | 79

A group of anonymous individuals have been digging tunnels in search of evidence of 'giants' in New Zealand.


University in U-turn over Mars 'insects' research

12-1-2019 | 70

A press release concerning an Ohio University scientist's discovery of insects on Mars has been taken down.

Ancient Mysteries

Controversial King Tut statue sells for $6M

7-5-2019 | 8

The ancient sculpture of King Tutankhamun went up for auction this week despite concerns over its legality.


Belief in Apollo hoax conspiracy could grow

 VIDEO  4-30-2019 | 1126

NASA's former chief historian is concerned that more people will subscribe to the hoax theory as time goes on.


Florida firm offers alien abduction insurance

4-19-2019 | 20

The tongue-in-cheek policy is designed to ensure peace of mind for those concerned about being 'taken'.

Science & Technology

CDC declares mystery disease an 'urgent threat'

4-9-2019 | 31

The deadly fungus 'candida auris' is becoming an increasing concern due to how difficult it is to identify.

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