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The UFO Phenomenon

Chariots of the gods: how UFOs left their mark in ancient cultures

9-21-2023 | 142

UFOs are not an exclusively modern phenomenon - people have been seeing objects in the sky for thousands of years.

Archaeology & History

Ornate Roman chariot unearthed at Pompeii

 VIDEO  3-2-2021 | 4

Archaeologists have discovered a well-preserved 2,000-year-old chariot in the ruins of a wealthy Roman villa.


Erich Von Daniken predicts 'ET will return'

 VIDEO  11-7-2016 | 206

The controversial author of 'Chariots of the Gods' predicts that aliens will return within 20 years.

Archaeology & History

Tomb of Celtic prince unearthed in France

3-6-2015 | 5

The Iron Age prince was discovered along with his chariot at the center of a huge mound near Lavau.

Archaeology & History

Was King Tut killed in a chariot accident ?

11-3-2013 | 15

The mystery of what happened to the young King Tutankhamun may have finally been solved.

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