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Nature & Environment

Is this the world's fastest-moving organism ?

 VIDEO  8-30-2018 | 2

A single-celled protozoan may actually be a lot faster than cheetahs, marlins or peregrine falcons.

Nature & Environment

The cheetah is now at risk of going extinct

12-27-2016 | 47

Conservationists have warned that the world's fastest land animal is on the verge of being wiped out.

Science & Technology

MIT robot cheetah can jump over obstacles

 VIDEO  5-30-2015 | 3

Researchers at MIT have developed a robotic cheetah capable of leaping effortlessly over objects.

Nature & Environment

Cheetah loses title as fastest land animal

4-30-2014 | 38

The famous cat might be fast but there's one creature that puts even the cheetah's run speed to shame.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics reveals new WildCat robot

 VIDEO  10-5-2013 | 22

The DARPA funded project has produced a quadrupedal robot that is able to run like a cheetah.

Nature & Environment

Cheetah breaks running speed record

 VIDEO  8-3-2012 | 17

A cheetah at Cincinnati Zoo was timed running 100m in 5.95 seconds at an astonishing speed of 61mph.

Nature & Environment

India to reintroduce cheetah

7-10-2009 | 13

India are planning to reintroduce cheetahs in to the wild, the last documented sighting was in 1947 and they were offici...

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