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Nature & Environment

Scientists discover shipworm that eats rock

 VIDEO  6-21-2019 | 7

Given that shipworms are typically known to chew through wood, the find came as something of a surprise.


Human DNA found in ancient chewing gum

5-17-2019 | 1

The ancient gum-chewing inhabitants of Sweden left behind Scandinavia's oldest known human DNA.

World of the Bizarre

Saskatchewan farmer finds house in his field

11-3-2017 | 26

Patrick Maze was shocked to discover that an entire house had appeared on his property overnight.


How did our ancestors consume raw meat ?

3-10-2016 | 34

Raw meat is notoriously difficult to chew, so how did our prehistoric ancestors manage to do it ?

World of the Bizarre

Giant rat terrorizes family in Sweden

3-31-2014 | 39

The huge 16-inch-long rat managed to chew its way in to their kitchen through a ventilation pipe.

Science & Technology

'Easy to remove' chewing gum invented

7-13-2010 | 8

A new type of chewing gum is being developed in the UK that is easy to remove.


Why did dinosaurs have such long necks ?

5-17-2010 | 6

Scientists believe some dinosaurs developed long necks to gulp down their food without having to chew it.


Plant-eating dinosaur didn't chew food

2-24-2010 | 5

A newly discovered plant-eating dinosaur didn't chew its food at all but instead simply swallowed it straight up.

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