Monday, November 28, 2022
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Archaeology & History

Seven times people discovered the Americas - and how they got there

9-13-2022 | 28

Christopher Columbus reached the Americas in 1492, but he certainly wasn't the first to do so.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds stolen Columbus letter

6-23-2018 | 6

A copy of a letter written by Christopher Columbus was stolen from the Vatican and replaced with a fake.

Modern Mysteries

Hidden secrets found in Columbus' 1491 map

6-15-2015 | 9

The map studied by Columbus before his trans-Atlantic voyage has been cleaned up using computer software.

Modern Mysteries

Christopher Columbus' lost ship discovered ?

5-13-2014 | 10

The wreckage of the explorer's vessel, the Santa Maria, may have been found off the coast of Haiti.

Archaeology & History

Americans reached Europe 1000 years ago

11-21-2010 | 31

Scientists believe Americans reached Europe over 500 years before Columbus reached America.

Science & Technology

Columbus cleared of importing syphilis

10-28-2010 | 5

Christopher Columbus has been cleared of taking syphilis with him back to Europe from the Americas.

Modern Mysteries

Africans came with Columbus to New World

3-22-2009 | 3

Teeth taken from the exhumed skeletons of Christopher Columbus' crew from over 500 years ago have revealed new informati...

Modern Mysteries

Was Christopher Columbus Scottish ?

3-9-2009 | 9

A Spanish Historian has claimed that Christopher Columbus was actually Scottish, and that his real name was Pedro Scotto...

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