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Science & Technology

Envisaging the year 1 million: cyborgs vs 'holdout humans' ?

12-4-2022 | 6

The University of Oxford's Anders Sandberg looks at what might happen if our species survives for another one million years.

Science & Technology

'World's first human cyborg' has died, aged 64

 VIDEO  6-16-2022 | 0

Struck down with motor neuron disease, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan wanted to reinvent what it means to be human.

Science & Technology

Scientists create living skin to use on robots

6-14-2022 | 5

The self-healing, living skin - which is based on human cells - has been demonstrated on a robotic finger.

Space & Astronomy

Future space pioneers could be 'flesh, blood and electronics'

5-30-2022 | 1

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees has suggested that cybernetics could facilitate humanity's future among the stars.

Science & Technology

US Army predicts cyborg soldiers by 2050

11-26-2019 | 12

A new report has predicted the technologies that soldiers of the future will be equipped with on the battlefield.

Science & Technology

'Cyborg artist' is able to feel earthquakes

 VIDEO  5-13-2016 | 10

Moon Ribas can feel every earthquake on the planet through a special seismic sensor implanted in her arm.

Science & Technology

Scientists create controllable cyborg beetle

3-30-2016 | 7

A cross between a robot and a beetle, the cybernetic insect can be commanded to walk or run on demand.

Science & Technology

US military is working on a neural interface

1-23-2016 | 14

Scientists are developing a way to create an interface between a computer and a soldier's brain.

Science & Technology

Scientists create electronic 'cyborg' roses

11-21-2015 | 10

The flowers, which are still very much alive, have tiny electronic circuits threaded through them.

Science & Technology

Humans set to become 'God-like cyborgs'

5-25-2015 | 42

Biological and technological upgrades could eventually turn us in to a race of cybernetic immortals.

Science & Technology

Are cyborg cockroaches unethical ?

10-12-2013 | 23

Neuroscientists have come under fire over the ethics of their new remote control cockroach kits.

Science & Technology

Cyborg cockroach project launched

6-11-2013 | 9

Semi-robotic insects that can be controlled with a mobile phone are being developed by researchers.

Science & Technology

Remote control cockroaches developed

9-8-2012 | 60

Cyborg cockroaches that can be remote controlled may be the future for locating earthquake survivors.

Science & Technology

Scientists engineer first 'cyborg' tissue

8-31-2012 | 12

Researchers at Harvard University are blurring the lines between organic and electronic systems.

Science & Technology

Conversation bugged cyborg beetles

10-20-2009 | 3

New research funded by the US military has succeeded in creating a cyborg beetle, using implants and controlled by lapto...

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