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Science & Technology

Deepfake AI photos can now seem more real than genuine images

1-27-2023 | 11

Psychologist Manos Tsakiris takes a look at the current state of deepfake photos and the problems they may cause online.

Science & Technology

Could deepfakes lead to an epidemic of digital crime ?

 VIDEO  6-25-2022 | 6

What if it became almost impossible to tell whether someone's voice or image was actually the real deal ?

Science & Technology

Tom Cruise deepfake is sign of things to come

 VIDEO  3-3-2021 | 19

A series of extremely convincing deepfake clips of Tom Cruise have raised both concern and intrigue.

Science & Technology

MIT deepfakes Nixon's Moon disaster speech

 VIDEO  11-25-2019 | 6

An unsettling clip created by researchers at MIT shows Nixon announcing the failure of the Apollo 11 mission.

Science & Technology

Deepfake AI can bring still images to life

 VIDEO  5-25-2019 | 12

Samsung's new AI-driven software can create video footage of someone using nothing but a still image.

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