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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Science & Technology

Tom Cruise deepfake is sign of things to come

March 3, 2021 | Comment icon 19 comments

How will we be able to tell what's real and fake ? Image Credit: @deeptomcruise / TikTok
A series of extremely convincing deepfake clips of Tom Cruise have raised both concern and intrigue.
Fake news and misleading headlines are already a significant issue in a world dominated by social media, but in the near future, it is going to become even more difficult to determine what is true and what isn't thanks to a rapidly advancing technology that makes it possible to produce 'deepfake' footage showing people doing or saying things that they never actually did or said.

Early deepfakes were relatively easy to spot, however already we are starting to see deepfakes that are so convincing that you would never know they were fake unless someone told you they were.

Most recently, a set of viral clips of Tom Cruise have been raising eyebrows for this very reason.

The videos, which appeared on clip-sharing site TikTok, show Cruise larking around with his signature laugh and mannerisms perfectly recreated via the fusion of computer imagery and a real-life actor.
The result is eerily realistic to the point where it is very difficult to tell that it is not real.

The clips were created using machine learning software that analyzed large amounts of footage of Cruise to learn his appearance, facial movements and nuances. His face was then superimposed on footage of an actor who impersonates Cruise's behavior and voice.

In the future, deepfake videos like this could be used to make politicians say things they didn't say, misleading entire populations and making footage much more difficult to take for granted.

"Deepfakes will impact public trust, provide cover and plausible deniability for criminals/abusers caught on video or audio, and will be (and are) used to manipulate, humiliate, and hurt people," wrote Social Proof Security CEO Rachel Tobac.

Source: Nerdist | Comments (19)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Rolci 9 months ago
It's surreal to see deepfakes being discussed like it's a new phenomenon. I remember watching this video 5 years ago that explained how they are made. Edit: yeah found it, it was 5 years ago almost to the day, back in March 2016!! Nothing to see here folks, old news.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Timothy 9 months ago
It is old news in some respects; but there are many advancements in deepfake technology eg. using machine learning, which bring it closer to being imperceptible from authentic footage to anyone unaware of the intricacies. The reenactments in the video you posted look very unnatural/manipulation is very obvious. Which is reasonable for five years ago. Are you up with the current deepfake technologies?  Edit: Just one example here.   
Comment icon #12 Posted by godnodog 9 months ago
come on Ed...come out of the closet Ed
Comment icon #13 Posted by godnodog 9 months ago
I saw that video a few weeks back, personally I think both videos are not good enough, but the 2nd is indeed better
Comment icon #14 Posted by Jon the frog 9 months ago
Video done from real organisations are probably so good that we cannot say if it's true or not...
Comment icon #15 Posted by gwa125 9 months ago
Haha. I wish I had his money, (and his talent). Unfortunately I can barely play guitar, and my singing is best left undiscussed, unless I’ve had a few many pints of Stella. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by cathya 9 months ago
Well, this is what happens when we have all this computer technology. What started out as a great tool, has now become a tool of evil, and will be used, as this article stated, to hurt people and cause undeniable harm. I'm sure that politicians are using this right now.
Comment icon #17 Posted by moonman 9 months ago
Can't wait to have harry potter moving pictures of all my dead relatives.
Comment icon #18 Posted by keithisco 9 months ago
Deep Fake of Tom Cruise? But...isnt Tom Cruise a Deep Fake anyway?  Asking for a friend
Comment icon #19 Posted by Rolci 9 months ago
please delete

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