Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Natural World

Gorilla pets a groundhog in heartwarming footage

 VIDEO  5-20-2022 | 3

A recently published video clip shows a huge gorilla tenderly petting a tiny groundhog at Detroit Zoo.

Natural World

Giant fish is among largest ever caught in US

5-7-2021 | 2

A group out fishing in the Detroit River recently managed to reel in a staggeringly large lake sturgeon.


'Dead' woman is found alive in a body bag

8-25-2020 | 2

The terrifying scenario became a reality for one young woman who recently 'died' at her home in Detroit.

The UFO Phenomenon

Woman films UFO over Detroit neighborhood

 VIDEO  6-13-2016 | 15

Vanessa Oliver had already witnessed the object several times before finally recording it on her phone.


Man ignites gas station trying to kill spider

 VIDEO  9-27-2015 | 45

A man in Detroit managed to set a gas station on fire while trying to use his lighter to kill a spider.

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