Monday, May 20, 2024
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Nature & Environment

Venomous 'blue dragons' are washing up on beaches in Texas

2-17-2024 | 3

A strange and rarely seen type of sea creature has been appearing more and more frequently along the coastline.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Why are we so fascinated by dragons ?

8-30-2022 | 16

A self-proclaimed 'scholar of monsters' explores our fascination with winged, fire-breathing reptiles.

Nature & Environment

Beetles named after Game of Thrones dragons

1-3-2019 | 0

Three new species of scarab beetle have received names worthy of the 'mother of dragons' herself.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mystery over woman who saw 'dragons'

12-31-2014 | 17

A peculiar medical condition caused one woman to see images of dragons everywhere she looked.

World of the Bizarre

'Dragon slayer' Gumtree advert goes viral

6-10-2014 | 44

Vincent Whittaker became an Internet sensation after offering his services as a slayer of dragons.

Nature & Environment

Komodo Dragons have venomous bite

5-20-2009 | 11

It has been discovered that Komodo Dragons have a venomous bite. Up until now it was thought that bacteria was responsib...

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