Monday, August 15, 2022
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Science & Technology

Oxfordshire scientists report nuclear fusion breakthrough

2-9-2022 | 4

A nuclear fusion experiment in England has reported a 'huge step' forward in its quest to produce limitless energy.

Science & Technology

MIT announces 'major advance' towards fusion

9-11-2021 | 4

Scientists at MIT have developed a superconducting magnet that could be the key to harnessing fusion power.

Science & Technology

Nuclear fusion laser experiment breaks record

8-22-2021 | 0

Scientists have succeeded in producing a record-breaking burst of energy using lasers and nuclear fusion.

Science & Technology

Experiment offers new nuclear fusion hope

5-26-2021 | 1

A recent breakthrough in fusion reactor heat dissipation could pave the way for commercial fusion power.

Science & Technology

World's largest fusion project begins assembly

7-29-2020 | 30

The ambitious $23.5 billion endeavour aims to harness nuclear fusion as a source of limitless clean energy.

Science & Technology

Man behind exotic US Navy patents speaks out

1-25-2020 | 7

The engineer responsible for various exotic 'UFO tech' patents has spoken to the media for the first time.

Science & Technology

Navy 'UFO-tech' engineer patents fusion reactor

10-10-2019 | 7

A US Navy scientist behind numerous exotic technology patents has now patented a compact fusion reactor.

Space & Astronomy

Fusion could power spacecraft within 10 years

 VIDEO  6-17-2019 | 3

A new type of nuclear fusion propulsion system could see spacecraft make it to Saturn in a matter of months.

Science & Technology

12-year-old builds working nuclear reactor

2-22-2019 | 20

Jackson Oswalt achieved the seemingly impossible by building a fusion reactor in his parents' spare room.

Science & Technology

Fusion reactor reaches 100 million degrees C

 VIDEO  11-15-2018 | 18

An experimental nuclear fusion reactor in China has achieved a temperature six times hotter than the Sun.

The UFO Phenomenon

Confusion surrounds secret US UFO program

12-30-2017 | 34

Government officials have been offering conflicting answers to questions about the program's objectives.

Science & Technology

Plasma heating method offers fusion boost

8-22-2017 | 7

Scientists have developed a new way of heating fusion plasmas inside tokamak nuclear fusion reactors.

Science & Technology

'Fusion power on grid by 2030', says scientist

 VIDEO  7-8-2017 | 13

MIT scientist Earl Marmar believes that we could all be benefiting from nuclear fusion energy before too long.

Science & Technology

Germany's nuclear fusion reactor really works

12-6-2016 | 26

Scientists have confirmed that the experimental machine is operating with 'unprecedented accuracy'.

Science & Technology

MIT's fusion reactor sets new world record

10-18-2016 | 15

A world powered by practically limitless, clean energy is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

Science & Technology

Germany conducts nuclear fusion experiment

2-4-2016 | 23

A future powered by clean, limitless nuclear fusion energy has taken another step forward this week.

Science & Technology

Super-heating lasers to aid fusion research

11-14-2015 | 8

Scientists have found a way to use lasers to heat materials to extreme temperatures almost instantly.

Science & Technology

Synthetic blood transfusions within two years

6-26-2015 | 7

Health authorities have revealed that synthetic blood could soon be transfused in to human test subjects.

Science & Technology

Lockheed claims fusion energy breakthrough

10-16-2014 | 28

The technology giant has announced that it has developed a miniature 100MW nuclear fusion reactor.

Science & Technology

Scientists report nuclear fusion milestone

10-8-2013 | 17

Researchers have passed a crucial milestone in their ongoing efforts to create sustainble fusion power.

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