Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Science & Technology

Andy Serkis appears in amazing graphics demo

 VIDEO  3-25-2018 | 6

This new real-time graphics demo shows off an eerily ultra-realistic computer-generated Andy Serkis.

Science & Technology

Artists create hyper-realistic CGI schoolgirl

10-16-2015 | 51

Two 3D computer graphics artists in Japan have released images of a realistic computer generated person.


Graphics demo disproves Apollo hoax claim

9-20-2014 | 525

Graphics giant Nvidia has used its latest GPU to debunk several common Apollo hoax arguments.

Science & Technology

New graphics beat 'uncanny valley' concerns

 VIDEO  4-10-2013 | 32

Computer generated characters almost indistinguishable from real people are currently in development.

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