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New horned 'Hellboy' dinosaur discovered

6-5-2015 | 3

Palaentologists have unearthed a cousin of Triceratops with a spectacular crown-like frill on its head.

Science & Technology

DARPA to test out new airborne laser weapon

5-26-2015 | 7

A sophisticated new laser defence system could soon be making its way on to drones and fighter jets.

Science & Technology

Man becomes first to enter 'Door to Hell'

5-6-2015 | 9

Explorer George Kourounis has become the first person to descend in to Turkmenistan's infamous fire pit.

Modern Mysteries

'Gateway to Hell' fiery pit found in China

4-11-2015 | 18

Geologists have been investigating a glowing orange hole that opened up on a Chinese mountain.

The UFO Phenomenon

MoD accused of cover-up over UFO files

4-1-2015 | 16

The British Ministry of Defence has delayed the release of 18 'bombshell' documents by several months.

Space & Astronomy

Venus once had carbon dioxide oceans

12-29-2014 | 4

Despite its hellish conditions, Venus may have once had its own version of Earth's oceans.


Earliest known human engraving discovered

12-4-2014 | 29

An engraving found on a fossilized shell is believed to have been made over 430,000 years ago.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Devil dog' remains dug up at Leiston Abbey

5-19-2014 | 18

The skeleton of a dog the size of a Great Dane has been unearthed during an archaeological dig.


Scientists discover 'chicken from Hell'

3-20-2014 | 15

Archaeologists have unearthed a strange bird-like dinosaur dating back more than 66 million years.


Paul Hellyer: 'aliens live among us'

 VIDEO  1-11-2014 | 191

The former Canadian defense minister has detailed his unorthodox beliefs in a recent TV interview.

Nature & Environment

Massive 'alien' squid captured on video

 VIDEO  11-20-2013 | 29

A huge 26ft long magnapinna squid has been filmed by Shell from one of its submersible vehicles.

Archaeology & History

'Gate to Hell' guardian statues recovered

11-20-2013 | 8

Two marble statues associated with the recently discovered 'Gate to Hell' cave have been unearthed.

The UFO Phenomenon

Edgar Mitchell calls for end to UFO cover-ups

7-18-2013 | 393

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is no stranger to the world of UFOs and government conspiracies.

Archaeology & History

'Gate to Hell' discovered in Turkey

3-31-2013 | 24

Italian archaeologists have announced the discovery of Pluto's Gate amongst ruins in southwestern Turkey.

Nature & Environment

Elephant learns how to speak Korean

 VIDEO  11-2-2012 | 13

An elephant in Korea has learned how to imitate human speech with words such as 'hello' and 'good'.

Nature & Environment

Vampire 'Squid from Hell' revealed

9-27-2012 | 26

Scientists have revealed new details about a truly bizarre creature based on 30 years of research.

Science & Technology

'Door to Hell' has been burning for 40 years

 VIDEO  7-29-2012 | 28

A huge flame pit in the depths of Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert has been on fire for over four decades.


Christian fired for refusing to wear '666'

11-22-2011 | 161

A factory worker was fired from his job for refusing to wear a '666' sticker believing he'd go to hell.


Spiritual master offers tours of heaven

10-11-2011 | 32

Master Kek Eng Seng has attracted criticism by claiming to take people on tours of heaven and hell.

Space & Astronomy

NASA disputes Ed Mitchell camera claim

7-4-2011 | 13

NASA have sued former astronaut Edgar Mitchell over his possession of a camera used on the moon.

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