Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

NASA launches mission to visit a $10,000 quadrillion asteroid

10-15-2023 | 14

The space agency's Psyche spacecraft will be the first ever to attempt to directly visit a metal asteroid.

Science & Technology

What exactly is intelligence and could it really be an ethical liability ?

10-14-2023 | 7

Richard van Oort takes a look at intelligence and its role in the existential threats that our civilization currently faces.

Modern Mysteries

Real-life Pennywise taunts police in quiet Scottish village

 VIDEO  10-14-2023 | 13

A real-life version of Stephen King's terrifying killer clown Pennywise has been leaving red balloons all around Skelmorlie.

Science & Technology

New law of physics supports the idea that we live in a simulated universe

10-12-2023 | 13

The second law of infodynamics seems to add credence to the idea that the world we live in isn't actually real.

Ghosts & Hauntings

The Exorcist: a terrifying classic celebrates 50 years

10-11-2023 | 5

Film studies lecturer Aislinn Clarke takes a look back at the movie that defined a new generation of horror.

Ghosts & Hauntings

A priest explains why the new Exorcist movie is 'potentially dangerous'

 VIDEO  10-9-2023 | 21

Real-life priest Helen Hall takes a look at how even fictional depictions of demonic possession can be harmful.

Archaeology & History

New study confirms age of oldest footprints in North America

10-8-2023 | 19

Scientists have confirmed that the footprints at White Sands National Park really are 23,000 years old.

Science & Technology

Is there really a 1 in 6 chance of human extinction this century?

10-7-2023 | 3

Toby Ord's 2020 book painted a grim picture of humanity's chances this century, but just how accurate is his prediction ?

Nature & Environment

Mysterious, web-like strands are falling from the sky over California

 VIDEO  10-7-2023 | 12

A peculiar natural phenomenon has been leaving California residents watching the skies this month.

World of the Bizarre

Man with 'emotional support alligator' denied access to stadium

10-6-2023 | 10

A man accompanied by an alligator on a leash was recently denied access to a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.

Nature & Environment

Enigmatic new snake discovered... but it may already be dead

10-5-2023 | 2

Researchers outline a new study that identified a mysterious type of snake from Zimbabwe as a new species.


Ring launches contest offering $1 million for evidence of aliens

10-5-2023 | 19

The popular doorbell camera brand is offering a large cash sum to anyone who can capture evidence of extraterrestrials.

Space & Astronomy

Aerospace firms win contracts to develop nuclear powered spacecraft

10-4-2023 | 0

The Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a trio of contracts to major companies to advance small nuclear fission reactors.

Archaeology & History

Biblical city was destroyed by an asteroid, evidence suggests

9-30-2023 | 136

New excavations in Jordan have revealed evidence to suggest that the city of Sodom was destroyed by an asteroid impact.

Science & Technology

Scientists are battling it out over rival theories of consciousness

9-29-2023 | 1

Consciousness remains a fascinating enigma and the scientific community is unable to agree upon any one theory.

Modern Mysteries

Fairy circles are cropping up everywhere and nobody knows why

9-29-2023 | 13

These mysterious circular-shaped patches of ground are starting to appear at sites all over the world.

Science & Technology

Philosophy meets physics in the quest to understand consciousness

9-27-2023 | 31

The nature of consciousness and whether or not it pervades the entire universe has long remained a topic of debate.

Science & Technology

Scientists build artificial intelligence that can detect alien life

9-26-2023 | 4

The new AI can determine the likelihood that a sample is biological by 90% - but nobody is quite sure exactly how it works.


Pascagoula alien abduction remains an enigma 50 years on

 VIDEO  9-25-2023 | 8

Calvin Parker and Charlie Hickson encountered something one night in 1973 that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Space & Astronomy

Sulfur on the Moon opens the doors for lunar science and exploration

9-23-2023 | 31

Physicist Jeffrey Gillis-Davis takes a look at what Chandrayaan-3's discovery could mean for future missions to the Moon.

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