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Nature & Environment

New species of deep-sea isopod discovered

8-10-2022 | 2

An international group of scientists has identified a new species of giant isopod - and it's pretty big.

Nature & Environment

Giant 'Darth Vader' isopod found in Indonesia

8-20-2020 | 5

Researchers in Indonesia have discovered a new species of giant isopod - a bug-like creature the size of a small dog.

Nature & Environment

Giant isopod dies after 5-year hunger strike

2-17-2014 | 21

The huge deep sea crustacean was kept at a Japanese aquarium and hadn't eaten for 1,869 days.

Nature & Environment

Captive giant isopod refuses to eat

 VIDEO  2-10-2013 | 67

A huge underwater bug kept at the Toba Aquarium in Japan has been on a hunger strike for four years.

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