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Archaeology & History

Mysterious hand print found in wall of ancient Jerusalem moat

1-26-2023 | 13

Archaeologists discovered the enigmatic hand print during excavation work of the city's historic fortifications.

Archaeology & History

Table that held the Ark of the Covenant found ?

12-20-2019 | 17

The stone table was found within an ancient temple unearthed approximately 20km west of Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

Tomb of Jesus is much older than thought

 VIDEO  11-29-2017 | 9

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is now thought to date back more than 1,700 years.

Archaeology & History

Jar of toads found in ancient Canaanite tomb

9-26-2017 | 8

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have unearthed a 4,000-year-old tomb containing a jar of headless toads.


Jesus' burial slab uncovered in Jerusalem

 VIDEO  10-28-2016 | 33

The marble that encased the stone slab has been removed for the first time in almost five centuries.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Greek fortress of Acra discovered

11-4-2015 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed the ancient citadel underneath a car park in the city of Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

Possible site of Jesus's trial discovered

1-5-2015 | 20

Archaeologists believe that they have uncovered the remains of Herod the Great's palace in Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists uncover King David's Palace

7-21-2013 | 14

The remains of two buildings thought to be the site of King David's palace have been found in Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

Ancient temple unearthed near Jerusalem

12-28-2012 | 10

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered the remains of an ancient 2,750-year-old Judaean temple.


The final resting place of Jesus found ?

2-29-2012 | 88

Archaeologists believe they may have located the final resting place of Jesus himself in Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

Unusual markings stump Jerusalem experts

12-8-2011 | 23

Three simple 'V' shaped carvings uncovered in the oldest part of the city have puzzled experts.

Archaeology & History

Tomb of the prophet Zechariah found ?

2-7-2011 | 6

Archaeologists believe they may have found the tomb of the biblical prophet Zechariah near Jerusalem.

Archaeology & History

"Jesus-era" burial shroud found

12-17-2009 | 2

A burial shroud from the time of Jesus has been found in a tomb in Jerusalem. The man wrapped in the shroud is believed ...

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