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The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery object filmed in the skies over Wichita

3-5-2021 | 6

Kansas residents reported seeing a vivid white object moving across the sky before disappearing.

World of the Bizarre

Man requests sword fight to settle legal dispute

1-18-2020 | 39

A Kansas man has requested a duel with his ex-wife and her lawyer to 'resolve their dispute on the field of battle'.

Modern Mysteries

Teen encounters creepy clown with a shovel

 VIDEO  9-28-2019 | 20

An Arkansas teenager had been driving on Monday night when he came across a rather unnerving spectacle.

Modern Mysteries

'Haunted' hotel yields cache of mystery jars

 VIDEO  4-20-2019 | 4

Hundreds of bottles containing human tissue samples have been found at the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas.

Modern Mysteries

Wright Brothers' patent discovered in a cave

4-5-2016 | 8

A missing patent for the world's first powered flying machine has been found in an old archive in Kansas.

World of the Bizarre

October is 'zombie preparedness month'

10-11-2015 | 13

Kansas governor Sam Brownback signed the peculiar proclamation as a fun way to tackle natural disasters.

The UFO Phenomenon

Obama's former pilot recalls UFO encounter

4-10-2015 | 62

Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger experienced something unexplained during a flight from Kansas City in 1989.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sighted over Arkansas nuclear plant

12-1-2014 | 23

A local witness reported a strange object which remained in the vicinity for almost two hours.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Group investigates 'haunted' microwave

9-16-2014 | 54

A Kansas couple reported the appliance after experiencing a spate of strange occurrences.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot reports UFO over Kansas airport

8-3-2012 | 28

A commercial pilot has come forward to claim that his jet was buzzed by a UFO as it came in to land.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New bigfoot video surfaces on the web

 VIDEO  7-13-2011 | 92

Filmed in Kansas the video features footage of a bigfoot while a family comments in the background.

World of the Bizarre

Dead birds continue to fall from the sky

1-5-2011 | 718

Arkansas mystery deepens as more birds fall dead from the sky around the world.

World of the Bizarre

1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas

1-3-2011 | 718

An investigation is ongoing to determine why 1,000 blackbirds fell out of the sky over a 1-mile area.

The UFO Phenomenon

5-year-old draws UFO after sighting

2-1-2010 | 21

A 5-year-old from Kansas drew a UFO after witnessing a "round plane with bolts" in the sky.

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