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Group investigates 'haunted' microwave

By T.K. Randall
September 16, 2014 · Comment icon 54 comments

The couple experienced a spate of problems with the device. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Apoltix
A Kansas couple reported the appliance after experiencing a spate of strange occurrences.
When homeowner Bill Michaud and his wife discovered a working microwave oven in the attic of their new house they decided to take it down and set it up in their kitchen. While the device seemed to initially cook food without any problems, they soon found that there appeared to be something else rather sinister going on.

"One time it went off like the food was done, and when I looked over, the damn thing was still going and said 6:66," said Bill.

"It turns on by itself. It turns off by itself, too," his wife Betty added. "It's like it's messing with me. No matter how many times I popped the door shut, the minute I leave the room it pops open again."

The couple eventually called in the services of a local paranormal group who stayed in the kitchen overnight to investigate the contraption for signs of unexplained phenomena.
"My wife, who is also on my squad, is highly empathic," said founder Kevin Young. "As we warmed up TV dinners in the microwave, she sensed a presence. As soon as she mentioned it, the microwave started beeping repeatedly. The door flung open, and my dinner went flying across the room."

Following the investigation the couple still make use of the microwave on occassion but have since taken to ignoring its supernatural antics like you would ignore a child having a tantrum.

"It still randomly shuts off or zaps from time to time, but nothing really serious," said Betty.

"It still heats up our leftovers like a champ, too."

Source: Empire News | Comments (54)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #45 Posted by Frank Merton 10 years ago
It's kinda funny to try to not find the idea of a haunted microwave oven funny.
Comment icon #46 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 10 years ago
The Michauds contacted the Kansas Ghost hunter group right away Why? Any normal person would get an electrician in, or better still, get a new microwave, And what is this?: Paranormal investigator and Self proclaimed authority on mechanical possession, Carl Richards. Authority on what? Jeeze! Calling an electrician doesn't get you 15 minutes of fame.
Comment icon #47 Posted by RyanNREMTP 10 years ago
Calling an electrician doesn't get you 15 minutes of fame. But it can save you money on your car insurance.
Comment icon #48 Posted by LarsSonicFan 10 years ago
6:66 what?
Comment icon #49 Posted by osares 10 years ago
nothing an electrician can't fix.
Comment icon #50 Posted by woodsbooger 10 years ago
Haunted no, probably just made in China. Oh wait, everything is made in China! This made me laugh out loud, thank you.
Comment icon #51 Posted by QuiteContrary 10 years ago
Well darn, "possessed appliances". I like that. Wonder if H would mind then if I replaced the possessed appliances with shiny stainless demon-free appliances?
Comment icon #52 Posted by acute 10 years ago
A haunted microwave is an excellent time-saving idea. Orb to full-body apparition in under 30 seconds!
Comment icon #53 Posted by Aardvark-DK 10 years ago
My TV is also possessed, it keeps showing naked ppl in Game Of Thrones...
Comment icon #54 Posted by ChaosRose 10 years ago

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