Saturday, December 3, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious town in Japan is obsessed with UFOs and aliens

 VIDEO  1-17-2022 | 15

With a population of just 1,900, the small and curious town of Iino lies just outside of Fukushima city.

Science & Technology

Robot ventures inside Fukushima reactor 3

 VIDEO  7-23-2017 | 5

Scientists in Japan have identified what could be fuel debris within the devastated nuclear reactor.

Archaeology & History

16 pyramids discovered in Sudan cemetery

9-17-2015 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than a dozen small pyramids near the town of Gematon.

Nature & Environment

Man catches huge fish off the coast of Japan

9-17-2015 | 24

The gigantic specimen was reeled in during a fishing trip to Hokkaido, Japan's second largest island.

Nature & Environment

Nuclear fears over bunny with no ears

6-12-2011 | 32

New concerns have been raised over the Fukushima plant incident after a rabbit was found with no ears.

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