Thursday, July 18, 2024
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New technologies set to 'transform' the search for alien life

7-14-2024 | 58

The Breakthrough Listen project will be utilizing new developments and innovations in its hunt for ET.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life Dune 'stillsuit' can turn urine into drinkable water

7-12-2024 | 5

Scientists have developed a new type of spacesuit that can turn an astronaut's urine into clean, drinkable water.


Spielberg's lost alien movie and the real-life incident that inspired it

 QM EPISODE  7-4-2024 | 7

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter saw a family allegedly terrorized by small, gremlin-like alien entities.


NASA's upcoming alien-hunting telescope could find Earth 2.0 by 2050

7-3-2024 | 2

A proposed new telescope - the Habitable Worlds Observatory - could make finding alien life a reality.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists develop robot face grown from human skin cells

 VIDEO  6-26-2024 | 13

Capable of producing a cheesy grin, this extremely creepy creation could be the first step toward life-like robots.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious hole on Mars could lead to labyrinth of underground caves

6-17-2024 | 5

Scientists have suggested that subterranean lava tubes on Mars could be home to primitive alien life forms.

Space & Astronomy

Spock's real-life home planet is not what it seems, new study finds

6-1-2024 | 3

A planet thought to be the real-life equivalent of Spock's homeworld Vulcan might not actually exist after all.

Science & Technology

Physicists propose potentially groundbreaking real-life 'warp drive'

5-19-2024 | 7

Could warp drive one day enable long distance space travel ? One group of physicists certainly seems to think so.

The UFO Phenomenon

Elon Musk discusses alien life and UFOs at conference in Los Angeles

 VIDEO  5-14-2024 | 27

The SpaceX CEO had plenty to share on the subject during a panel entitled 'How to save the human race'.

Space & Astronomy

New study offers update on possible detection of life on K2-18b

5-6-2024 | 8

Has the James Webb Space Telescope found life on a distant extrasolar world or could there be an alternative explanation ?

Science & Technology

Creators of AI 'death calculator' issue warning to the public

4-30-2024 | 10

Life2vec uses artificial intelligence to predict with eerie accuracy when you are most likely to die.


James Webb to investigate possible signs of life on exoplanet K2-18b

 VIDEO  4-27-2024 | 8

A gas discovered in the atmosphere of this distant extrasolar planet is 'only produced by life', say scientists.

Space & Astronomy

Frozen world: scientists are seeking a way to detect life on Enceladus

4-25-2024 | 9

Saturn's icy moon is thought to be home to an ocean of liquid water, meaning that it might also be home to alien life.

Space & Astronomy

If there is alien life on Europa, we might soon know about it

4-10-2024 | 9

NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft will be carrying an instrument that may be capable of detecting signs of primitive life.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Joker' suffers from uncontrollable, pathological laughter

 VIDEO  4-10-2024 | 5

The titular character of the popular movie and its upcoming sequel suffers from an affliction that is based on a real-life condition.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk speaks out about colonizing Mars and extraterrestrial life

 VIDEO  4-8-2024 | 4

The SpaceX CEO has some ambitious plans to build a thriving city on the Red Planet within as little as 20 years.

Science & Technology

New real-life 6ft invisibility 'megashield' can hide multiple people

 VIDEO  4-3-2024 | 10

It's not quite on par with Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, but it is another step in the right direction.

Space & Astronomy

Life could potentially exist in the clouds of Venus, new study finds

3-30-2024 | 0

Venus might not seem like a particularly hospitable place, but its atmosphere could support some forms of life.


Real-life 'Kermit the Frog' proto-amphibian lived 270 million years ago

3-24-2024 | 1

A newly identified ancestor of modern day frogs has been named after Jim Henson's iconic green Muppet.

Nature & Environment

String of strange 'alien egg-like' pods pulled from lake in Oklahoma

3-19-2024 | 2

Photographs of these peculiar jelly-like objects were recently shared on social media by state wildlife officials.

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