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World's oldest bug discovered in Scotland

5-30-2020 | 1

Scientists from Texas have identified the tiny fossil of a millipede that lived more than 425 million years ago.

Space & Astronomy

'One-in-a-million' Super-Earth discovered

5-14-2020 | 3

Astronomers have identified a distant exoplanet with a size and orbit comparable to that of the Earth.


10m-long 'megaraptor' unearthed in Patagonia

5-13-2020 | 8

Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a huge raptor dating back 70 million years.


Meet one of mankind's earliest ancestors

3-26-2020 | 4

Scientists have identified a worm-like creature that thrived on our planet some 555 million years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Fifth person dies in hunt for Fenn's treasure

 VIDEO  3-26-2020 | 21

Said to be hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, the treasure is believed to be worth over $2 million.


11 million Brazilians believe that the Earth is flat

3-6-2020 | 21

A surprisingly large number of people in Brazil subscribe to the idea that our planet is not what it seems.

Science & Technology

Earth was a 'water world' 3 billion years ago

3-2-2020 | 5

Scientists now believe that the entire planet was covered in water and devoid of continents in the distant past.

Space & Astronomy

Oxygen found half a billion light years away

2-24-2020 | 9

For the first time ever, scientists have discovered evidence of molecular oxygen in a distant galaxy.


'Storm Area 51' is happening all over again

2-15-2020 | 11

The infamous event, which saw millions of sign-ups back in 2019, is set to take place again later this year.


New 'reaper of death' dinosaur discovered

2-11-2020 | 0

A new species of tyrannosaur that roamed the Earth 80 million years ago has been unearthed in Canada.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases 'awesome' Neuralink update

2-10-2020 | 7

The billionnaire tech magnate is working on developing a revolutionary new type of brain-computer interface.


Huge prehistoric shark found in cave wall

2-1-2020 | 2

The well-preserved fossil remains of a 330 million-year-old shark have been discovered in a cave in Kentucky.

Natural World

Millions of desert locusts descend on Africa

 VIDEO  1-26-2020 | 8

A plague of locusts of biblical proportions has been devouring vast swathes of crops across east Africa.


'Dancing dragon' fossil is velociraptor relative

1-21-2020 | 0

Palaeontologists have compared the feathers of a 120 million-year-old dinosaur to those of modern birds.

Ancient Mysteries

Egypt hints at 'mummified lion' discovery

11-17-2019 | 7

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the mummy of a very large animal, most likely a lion or lioness.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers spot triple black hole collision

9-30-2019 | 2

Three supermassive black holes over a billion light years away are on an inescapable collision course.


3.8 million-year-old hominin skull unearthed

 VIDEO  8-29-2019 | 7

The remarkable discovery has reignited the debate over which hominim species gave rise to modern humans.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk's car completes full orbit of the Sun

 VIDEO  8-19-2019 | 12

The first and only sports car to have ever been launched into space has now traveled 763 million miles.

The UFO Phenomenon

Richard Branson offers his thoughts on UFOs

7-18-2019 | 82

The billionaire founder of space tourism firm Virgin Galactic has commented on the UFO phenomenon.


US military warns against 'Storm Area 51' stunt

7-15-2019 | 130

1 million social media users who have pledged to storm the secretive base have been warned against doing so.

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