Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

Tech billionaire to use cold war radar station to hunt UFOs

By T.K. Randall
July 7, 2022 · Comment icon 11 comments

The facility could soon be given a new purpose. Image Credit: William Sachiti
British entrepreneur William Sachiti has been looking for a way to restore the facility to full working order.
What do you do if you have billions of pounds and an interest in the UFO phenomenon ? You convert an old Royal Air Force (RAF) air defense radar station into a UFO detector, of course.

Sachiti, who has been living and working in such a facility for several months, recently reached out on Reddit to ask for advice on how to get the AMES Type 84 radar unit operating again.

Measuring 60 ft across and standing at a height of 25 ft, the enormous facility was used during the Cold War to detect signs of nuclear launches.

"Help! I want to bring this back to life," he wrote on Reddit.
When asked about why he purchased the facility, he replied - "Because I convinced myself it may be good fun to use to attempt to find UFOs?"

While he later admitted that this response had been somewhat tongue-in-cheek, he has since stated that he would be willing to use it to find UFOs if it meant giving the aged facility a new purpose.

"There's obviously the UFO hunters," he said.

"It's not for me to decide what the best use in the modern world is for it. So long as it doesn't harm and it's not intrusive... I've got the tech... let's give it a life."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by the13bats 5 months ago
Sounds like he bought it as much out of just because he could as much or moreso than to hunt UFOs which is a bit silly as anyone can look up and see something that they dont know what it really is but UFO doesnt, never has never will equal aluens no matter how much the ignorant misuse the term. If he hunts stuff in the skies i do hope he gets a skilled savvy tech on board who can keep dear true believers from calling every blip the mother ship.
Comment icon #3 Posted by jethrofloyd 5 months ago
I am always skeptical when bored, eccentric, millionaires undertakes their own weird projects.
Comment icon #4 Posted by astrobeing 5 months ago
It's good to see that billionaires are using their wealth to benefit mankind instead of wasting it on pointless ventures.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Myles 5 months ago
I'm not sure how much of a benefit it is to mankind but it is usually nice to see billionaires spend some money that will help other people.   Certainly he has hired landscapers, maintenance personnel and others to maintain this facility and get it back in running order.     
Comment icon #6 Posted by the13bats 5 months ago
Or he will roll up his sleeves and do it himself.
Comment icon #7 Posted by ThereWeAreThen 5 months ago
And clear pictures.
Comment icon #8 Posted by badeskov 5 months ago
Sharing indeed a common trend with Bigfoot. 
Comment icon #9 Posted by ThereWeAreThen 5 months ago
Hmmm so it may be true...BF are aliens!
Comment icon #10 Posted by Nobu 5 months ago
I think he is just a billionaire that appreciates antiques and restoring them fully functional  to humanity. If so bravo. and like someone else said… it’s creating jobs.
Comment icon #11 Posted by fred_mc 4 months ago
The title is a bit misleading. Seems like his intention to buy it was not really to hunt for UFOs, although he doesn't mind if somebody wants to use it for that purpose.

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