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Space & Astronomy

Is our universe one of a countless number that exist within a multiverse?

11-14-2023 | 6

Many physicists assume that we must be living in a multiverse - but their basic maths may be wrong.

Space & Astronomy

Does the existence of our universe suggest that we live in a multiverse ?

3-18-2023 | 1

Astrophysicist Martin Rees takes a renewed look at the question of whether or not we live in a universe of universes.


The multiverse could be teeming with life

5-14-2018 | 36

A new study has suggested that the multiverse may be a lot more hospitable to life than previously thought.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking's final multiverse theory published

5-2-2018 | 47

Stephen Hawking's final theory of the cosmos was completed shortly before he passed away in March.

Space & Astronomy

Has evidence of the multiverse been found ?

5-17-2017 | 14

A 'cold spot' that has puzzled scientists for years could be the point where two universes collided.

Space & Astronomy

Time could run backwards in parallel universe

 VIDEO  1-24-2016 | 38

Scientists have put forward a new model in support of the idea that time can run in both directions.

Space & Astronomy

Life could thrive in alternative universes

6-29-2015 | 19

Some universes might provide conditions more favorable to the development of life than our own.


Seeking extraterrestrial life in the multiverse

1-19-2010 | 10

While most scientists focus their efforts on finding signs of life in our own universe some are starting to set their sights elsewhere.

Science & Technology

How many parallel universes are there ?

10-17-2009 | 13

For many years scientists have considered the concept that our universe may be only a single part of a multiverse - now ...

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