Monday, November 28, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

New James Webb photo shows Neptune as you've never seen it before

9-23-2022 | 4

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured a spectacular new image of Neptune and its rings.

Space & Astronomy

139 new 'minor planets' found beyond Neptune

3-13-2020 | 4

Scientists have announced the discovery of 139 new objects situated in the far reaches of our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

New moon discovered in our solar system

 VIDEO  2-21-2019 | 2

Scientists have successfully identified an entirely new moon in orbit around the gas giant Neptune.

Space & Astronomy

Neptune-sized extrasolar moon discovered

10-4-2018 | 2

Astronomers have found what is thought to be the first confirmed moon in orbit around an extrasolar world.

Space & Astronomy

Helium detected on 'super-Neptune' exoplanet

5-3-2018 | 0

For the first time ever, scientists have detected helium in the atmosphere of a planet in orbit around a distant star.

Space & Astronomy

Clouds, water vapor found on exoplanet

5-14-2017 | 8

Astronomers have been analyzing the atmosphere of a Neptune-sized planet located 430 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery object 'Niku' is traveling backwards

8-13-2016 | 39

A strange object spotted beyond the orbit of Neptune appears to be going around the sun in reverse.

Space & Astronomy

New dwarf planet discovered beyond Neptune

7-12-2016 | 5

Astronomers have identified a previously unknown dwarf planet in the outer reaches of the solar system.

Space & Astronomy

New moon discovered around Neptune

7-19-2013 | 22

Archive images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope have revealed a previously undiscovered moon.

Space & Astronomy

Where did Triton come from ?

6-6-2011 | 4

Neptune's moon Tritan is unusual in that it is geologically active and has a retrograde orbit.

Space & Astronomy

Neptune nears end of first orbit since discovery

8-21-2010 | 2

The planet Neptune is nearing the end of its first complete orbit since it was discovered in 1846.

Space & Astronomy

Diamond oceans may be possible on gas giants

1-18-2010 | 18

New research has suggested that there could be liquid diamond oceans with solid diamond icebergs floating in Uranus or Neptune.

Space & Astronomy

Did Vatican suppress 'Galileo Cryptogram'?

7-12-2009 | 7

It has been suggested that Galileo Galilei may have discovered the planet Neptune 234 years earlier than previously thou...

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