Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Nikola Tesla once picked up a strange signal that he thought could be alien

3-17-2024 | 65

The inventor and engineer picked up a mysterious signal in 1899 that he could not find an explanation for.

Science & Technology

Has 5G achieved what Nikola Tesla could not ?

4-10-2021 | 3

The 5G network has the potential to realize the dream that Tesla obsessed over more than a century ago.


'Tesla was from Venus' claims FBI document

9-22-2020 | 53

A rather peculiar claim concerning Nikola Tesla has been found in the archives of the FBI's official website.

Modern Mysteries

Why was Tesla obsessed with the pyramids ?

12-30-2019 | 5

Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla had more than a passing interest in Egypt's archaeological wonders.

Science & Technology

Nikola Tesla's 21st century predictions

4-22-2013 | 34

Tesla predicted a great many things about the future and much of it turned out to be spot on.

Science & Technology

Tesla predicted text messages in 1909

5-5-2010 | 18

Pioneering physicist Nikola Tesla predicted the concept of SMS text messages as far back as 1909.

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