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Nature & Environment

Orangutan attacks digger as it destroys forest

 VIDEO  4-21-2019 | 10

Recently released footage has brought in to focus the plight of animals left homeless by deforestation.

Nature & Environment

New orangutan species discovered in Sumatra

 VIDEO  11-2-2017 | 12

Scientists studying apes in northern Sumatra have identified a small population of an entirely new species.

World of the Bizarre

Orangutan laughs hysterically at magic trick

 VIDEO  12-11-2015 | 34

A jovial primate at a zoo in Spain was filmed rolling on the floor laughing after seeing a nut disappear.

Nature & Environment

Orangutan attempts to hunt fish with spear

6-14-2009 | 24

For the first time an orangutan has been photographed in Borneo gripping a riverside tree while using a spear to hunt fi...

Nature & Environment

Orangutan mother saves baby from flood

3-24-2009 | 15

Images of an orangutan mother catching a rope and using it to get herself and her baby across a flooded river have emerg...

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