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Archaeology & History

2,000-year-old Basel papyrus mystery solved

7-16-2018 | 4

Researchers have finally succeeded in deciphering an ancient papyrus with mirror writing on both sides.


'Wife of Jesus' papyrus 'very likely' a fake

6-19-2016 | 35

It is now almost certain that the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' is nothing more than a modern-day forgery.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Greek hangover cure discovered

4-22-2015 | 15

A 1,900-year-old papyrus containing a cure for 'drunken headaches' has been translated by researchers.


Jesus' wife parchment is not a fake

4-11-2014 | 66

A fragment of papyrus with writing that references the wife of Jesus is believed to be genuine.


Report on Jesus' wife papyrus delayed

1-12-2013 | 24

The article was expected to detail the discovery of a 4th century parchment which references Jesus' wife.


Vatican claims 'Jesus wife' parchment is fake

10-1-2012 | 159

The recently revealed papyrus fragment referencing the wife of Jesus is said to be a 'clumsy forgery'.


Papyrus makes reference to Jesus' wife

9-19-2012 | 159

A message inked on an ancient scrap of papyrus seems to suggest that Jesus may have been married.

Archaeology & History

Long lost pages of 'Book of the Dead' found

4-26-2012 | 48

Ancient papyrus fragments belonging to the book have been found in Australia's Queensland Museum.

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