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Science & Technology

Scientists find evidence of a parallel universe

5-18-2020 | 61

A science experiment in Antarctica may have discovered particles from a universe where time runs backwards.

Science & Technology

Is there another 'you' in a parallel universe ?

10-26-2019 | 37

The 'many worlds' hypothesis suggests the existence of countless other universes similar to ours but different.

Science & Technology

Experiment seeks evidence of 'mirror universe'

7-4-2019 | 11

Scientists are attempting to prove the existence of parallel universes by firing neutrons at a solid wall.

Science & Technology

Parallel universes are real, claim scientists

11-28-2016 | 231

The 'many interacting worlds' theory ties quantum physics to the idea of countless parallel universes.

Space & Astronomy

Time could run backwards in parallel universe

 VIDEO  1-24-2016 | 38

Scientists have put forward a new model in support of the idea that time can run in both directions.

Science & Technology

Hadron Collider could find parallel universes

3-23-2015 | 46

Cern's atom smasher is about to resume operations in an attempt to detect miniature black holes.

Science & Technology

Time may runs backwards in a mirror universe

12-12-2014 | 63

Scientists have proposed that there is a universe parallel to our own in which time runs in reverse.

Science & Technology

Do parallel universes actually exist ?

11-1-2014 | 132

Physicists have put forward a new theory that ties quantum physics to the concept of parallel universes.

Space & Astronomy

"Cosmic bruises" suggest other universes

12-16-2010 | 128

Scientists have discovered evidence that parallel universes 'jostled' our own in the very distant past.

Science & Technology

CERN eyes parallel universe breakthrough

10-22-2010 | 34

CERN are hoping to turn up the first evidence of parallel universes within less than a year.

Science & Technology

Infinite doppelgangers and quantum probabilities

8-28-2010 | 8

Could your identical twin be living exactly the same life as you in any number of parallel universes ?

Science & Technology

Freaky physics prove parallel universes exist

4-7-2010 | 49

Its the stuff of science fiction but now some scientists believe parallel universes really do exist.

Science & Technology

How many parallel universes are there ?

10-17-2009 | 13

For many years scientists have considered the concept that our universe may be only a single part of a multiverse - now ...

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