Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Blood-filled parasites found trapped in amber

12-13-2017 | 12

Palaeontologists have discovered prehistoric parasites that once fed on the blood of dinosaurs.


Girl kept awake for days by eye-eating bug

5-24-2015 | 16

Jessica Greaney was forced to stay awake for four days to administer drops in her eyes every 30 minutes.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop new malaria drug

2-16-2013 | 4

A new type of drug could save millions of lives by targetting the parasite's ability to expel salt.

Science & Technology

Are house cat feces making people crazy ?

2-11-2012 | 47

Are parasites from cat droppings living in your brain and influencing the way you think and behave ?

Natural World

'Zombie' fly parasite killing bees

1-5-2012 | 4

The long standing mystery of dying honey bee colonies may finally have a culprit: 'zombie' flies.

Science & Technology

Malaria vaccine in development

11-11-2011 | 2

Scientists claim to have discovered the "Achilles heel" of the Malaria parasite.

Natural World

Brain-eating amoeba claims second victim

8-18-2011 | 17

A deadly parasite has been generating great concern as it claims a second victim this month.

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