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Brain-eating amoeba claims second victim

By T.K. Randall
August 18, 2011 · Comment icon 17 comments

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A deadly parasite has been generating great concern as it claims a second victim this month.
The brain-eating amoeba can be picked up from stagnant water in lakes and ponds, once contracted it almost always proves fatal. The victim this time was a 9-year-old who picked it up after visiting a fishing camp. Over 30 infections have been reported over the last decade in the United States.
A parasite known as the brain-eating amoeba has claimed its second young American victim this month. Christian Strickland, a 9-year-old from Henrico County in Virginia contracted an infection after visiting a fishing camp in his state. He died of meningitis on August 5.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by DONTEATUS 12 years ago
What kind of "god" would kill a kid?Im grateful i dont think any of that rubbish is true.Sad story Its ture my friend,and since God is the question ,and children do die and the ameboa is real just have faith that we all die of something ! Gods are for story time.
Comment icon #9 Posted by H.H. Holmes 12 years ago
Do we really have to bring deities into every conversation on this board? Please, save it for the religion/spirituality boards they are there for a reason.
Comment icon #10 Posted by xXHellkittiesXx 12 years ago
I posted this yesterday, glad they caught booNyzarC post. Brain eating amoebas are the worst (shivers)
Comment icon #11 Posted by Taut 12 years ago
There are some amazingly nasty critters in this world. Prayers for the families of those lost. Getting amoebic encephalitis is akin to winning the lottery, it's relatively rare. There's a little catfish in the tropics that swims up your urethra and latches on - excruciatingly painful. It too lives in fresh still water. Gimmee a pass on all that, yeah?
Comment icon #12 Posted by DigitalDreamer 12 years ago
Its ture my friend,and since God is the question ,and children do die and the ameboa is real just have faith that we all die of something ! Gods are for story time. Clearly they are for story time which is why i felt the need to mock the one member who seemed to think "god" had somthing to do with this subject
Comment icon #13 Posted by Tommy Rot 12 years ago
"Brain eating amoebas are the worst" Classic.
Comment icon #14 Posted by 3ApplesHigh 12 years ago
He said 'God bless him' so what? He wasn't preaching or anything of the sort, so just leave it be And I also doubt that biologists call it The Brain Eating Amoeba. What's next? 'The Amoeba that goes nomnomnom?" My mum use to always warn me about this sort of thing, so I never swam in warm, still water
Comment icon #15 Posted by The Lone Ranger 12 years ago
Perhaps if it evolves, and just lives on the brain instead of living eating it, it could create zombies.....
Comment icon #16 Posted by Hilander 12 years ago
Makes you think twice about going in the water. I've also heard of people getting that flesh eating disease from waxing. Never know whats going happen to you when you make the decision to do something.
Comment icon #17 Posted by DKO 12 years ago
I've never swam in a river and probably never will now haha. Beach all the way.

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