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Science & Technology

Man builds message-receiving 'time machine'

11-3-2015 | 48

A physics professor is constructing a time machine capable of picking up messages from the future.

Science & Technology

Reality doesn't exist if you don't look at it

6-3-2015 | 110

A new quantum physics experiment has confirmed the idea that reality doesn't exist until it is measured.

Science & Technology

Do parallel universes actually exist ?

11-1-2014 | 132

Physicists have put forward a new theory that ties quantum physics to the concept of parallel universes.

Space & Astronomy

Major astrophysics discovery to be revealed

3-15-2014 | 39

Scientists have promised a groundbreaking announcement pertaining to the birth of the universe.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does biocentrism prove there is an afterlife?

11-18-2013 | 152

Professor Robert Lanza believes the answer to life after death lies in the science of quantum physics.

Science & Technology

Hawking disappointed by Higgs boson find

11-13-2013 | 17

Professor Stephen Hawking believes that the particle's discovery has made physics 'less interesting'.

Science & Technology

Is teleportation really possible ?

7-31-2013 | 26

Physics students have calculated the time it would take to teleport someone between two points.


How did giant pterosaurs fly ?

10-2-2011 | 18

The basic physics of how giant prehistoric flying reptiles flew has been challenged by scientists.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circle secrets and physics

8-2-2011 | 12

Its one the most enduring phenomena of recent times, but just how are complex crop circles created ?

Space & Astronomy

Hitching a ride to Mars on an asteroid

2-16-2011 | 10

One physics professor has suggested astronouts get to Mars by hitching a ride on the back of an asteroid.

Science & Technology

Are the laws of physics really universal ?

9-11-2010 | 36

Controversial findings have suggested that the laws of physics might not be the same in all parts of the universe.


Hawking: "God didn't create universe"

9-3-2010 | 518

Professor Stephen Hawking has contended that the universe wasn't created by God but by physics.

Science & Technology

Freaky physics prove parallel universes exist

4-7-2010 | 49

Its the stuff of science fiction but now some scientists believe parallel universes really do exist.

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